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  1. Good morning ladies! Well, it looks like January got away from me a bit....well, maybe a lot! First of all....thank you all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes! I skimmed the posts, but did not take notes. But, I saw a couple gorgeous afghans by Joanne and Judy as well as a repaired ghan by Judy...beautiful work ladies. I'm sorry I can't remember who made the tote bag for their dd's birthday, but I love it! And LeeAnn's ice fest looked like an awesome time! What have I been up to, you ask? Well, January was quite the busy month. For starters, I never did get sick....just took some allergy medicine and was good to go, lol. Troy and I ALMOST bought a house! We finally found one that we both like and put in an offer (at asking, and market) that was accepted, woohoo. Well, following the home inspection we found it needed a new roof and furnace, the hot water heater had something starting to melt because it was never installed correctly in the first place, the fireplace needed to be fixed, there was mold in the attic, ductwork wasn't done properly, new carpeting upstairs (which I feel like you always do when buying a house anyways), and other miscellaneous stuff. Sooo, we lowered our offer to reflect the work needed. They advertised as move in ready, which it clearly is not really. Anyhow, they were completely unwilling to budge AT ALL on the price and so we backed out and walked away! The search will continue, but will hold off a bit I think. The timing on this one wasn't the best anyways and everything happens for a reason! Now, nothing is official YET...but, we started talking about a wedding and have started planning! I just don't technically have the engagement ring yet, lol. So, we haven't really told people yet or put it out of facebook. My parents and my sister know, that's about it so far. We've already checked out several venues and am waiting to hear back from a couple yet. We're hoping to have a September wedding, so will be at the mercy of dates available wherever we choose to have the reception since it's a late start as far as wedding planning goes. Needless to say...the whole summer will be crazy busy. We already have 5 other weddings to attend this year! I'm tired already We celebrated my birthday and Ingrid's birthday together. Hers is the week before mine, but we never had anything for her because her grandma wasn't doing too well. She ended up passing the week before Ingrid's birthday and the funeral was the weekend before, then everyone already had plans that weekend that fell between our birthdays, so it made sense to just have one big party....and, you know my family! lol. As for grandma...she had a great life. She passed at 98 years young with all her wits about her! She got around well, right up until about the last month or two. So, many fond memories of her....such a sweet lady! I think that brings us to now! I'll try to get back quicker than about 4 weeks next time!!!!! I hope everyone is doing well and Happy belated Birthday Cindy!!!
  2. Happy Sunday ladies! Well, I seem to be getting here on a weekly basis, but still want to improve on that. We had a quiet New Year's Eve, which was great and I got some crochet time in too! I feel like I've been fighting a cold all week, but still going strong My friends and I had 'yarn night' at my mom's house on Friday....she was excited to host and had an array of snacks! Yesterday I had a full day of patients squeezed into the morning, which I just finished the paperwork now so I decided to check in while my laptop was out and booted up. I went to a local CGOA group yesterday (they meet every Saturday at a local Panera....I might get there once a month if I'm lucky) so got some good crafting time in the last 2 days Then Troy and I went out for Chinese and did some errands then back to the house. We've been working on cleaning up and organizing his spare bedroom, which was just a wreck and not 'useful'. He's making great progress. Tonight there's some type of Star Trek thing on TV he wants to watch....which will secure me craft time later tonight too! We're going to have dinner at my parents before that and maybe we'll stop by the office while we're over there to adjust him since he's been doing quite a bit of heavy lifting with the organizing. Otherwise, should be a quiet day. Getting ready to go make some breakfast. Have a great day everyone and hopefully I'll be back before next weekend!
  3. Happy New Year's Eve! I wish you all health and happiness in 2017! I had a fairly uneventful week, so not much to report today. Cindy - We call them donuts too...and they are quite scary! Glad you were alright...also glad to hear that your brother's house didn't burn! I love that you set out to make a tote and instead made the purse organizer...totally something I would do, lol. Judy - We didn't even start the downstairs yet, that'll be coming up in the spring I suppose. My sister and I 'get' to design it, lol. We finished their main living floor (it's a ranch house). Marlene - I hope all is well and that you are able to deal with the mountain ptsd! We often don't even realize how things effect us Mary - Steak and wine sound like a wonderful way to relax after the being with the kids! LeeAnn - The shop looked great and I'm glad the family helped out! Happy birthday to dd I hope you all have fun with game night! Joann - Thanks about the FB posts. I'm just trying to keep the name visible and out there. I'm actually able to schedule them ahead of time from the website I've been using, so I don't have to do it every day. I just scheduled today through Monday Jan 9th and put on my calendar for the 10th that it's time to schedule again. Although, I accidentally did 2 for today....I hit the 'share now' button instead of the 'set time' button. Oh well! I hope you all have a wonderful evening and if you go out, please be safe!
  4. Good morning housemates! I hope you all had a very wonderful Merry Christmas! Last week was a busy one and mom managed to get enough baking done to feel good about it. She really scaled back this year in both, types of cookie and amount of each! She made Italian cookies, Russian Tea Biscuits, Nut Tassy's, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Pineapple, Coconut, Cherry, Nut Kolachy's, and Pizzelle's (both Vanilla and Anise)....I think that's it. We had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner at their new house! On Christmas Eve, we were 15....so she was a happy camper for sure. All of us, plus Bean's sisters families (their Grandma wasn't feeling up to it, but she's 98 now so they don't push her too much) and then my friend Kristen and a friend of Steph and Bean's who was in town for the weekend as well. Christmas Day was a bit more relaxed and dinner was early since Steph and Bean went to the Steelers game in the afternoon. Me, Troy, and Kristen hung out at my parents.....got in a 'full' Christmas Story and then put in Emmet Otter's Jug Band Christmas, which we haven't watched in forever and neither Kristen nor Troy had ever seen it. It was always one of our favorites. As for the insurance denial....I hate to say it, but quite often it seems that the doctor's notes are a bit incomplete I don't know if I've been lucky, or am just good at dealing with insurance...but I only had 2 denials all year and had one turned around by supplementing more paperwork to 'prove' my case so to speak. Granted, my type of care is non-invasive and is not on the same level as an injection at all. Basically, the doctor needs to show what's already been done and that it hasn't worked or shown improvement within the expected time frame; what exactly the injection is for and what the outcome is expected to be; what the outcome will likely be without the injection.....so the paperwork that the insurance company is looking at has to show an expected improvement of the problem/condition or they will likely consider it not medically necessary. As far as insurance goes, there is a difference between medically necessary and clinically appropriate...the latter causing a denial to occur. Cardiac care, however, will have a level of acceptable maintenance care as well as other specialty's.....mine's not one of them though. They look for any reason available NOT to pay for care. I feel like I've been rambling on that and am not quite sure I've made any sense! lol Now that the main floor is done at my parents house, I renewed my gym membership and it's felt good to get back last week. I've missed the other's from the classes I used to go to and had quite the warm welcome back! I'll try to get some pictures up after the New Year....I've done a few things that I could share and I need to upload to FB and Ravelry as well....so when I get around to it then I'll share here too. It just hasn't made the top of the priority list I hope you all have a great Monday!
  5. Hello there housemates! I can't believe I haven't stopped by since just after Thanksgiving! I've been busy. My parents finished the main living floor and now mom's baking her Christmas cookies! We went to Tampa to visit family and join the celebration of my cousin's fiancée's graduation The office has been fairly busy as the end of the year tends to be since people have generally met their deductible's by now, lol. Next week is fairly light, but it's the week before Christmas so we'll see how it ultimately turns out. I started to read the posts I've missed, but then I realized there were 4 or 5 pages and I jumped ship Please feel free to catch me up on anything important I may have missed. I did see pics of LeeAnn's beautiful shawl and Judy with her Goddaughter out for a night of bonding fun I hope you're all having a great weekend and I'll definitely stop in during the week!!!
  6. Good morning ladies I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had help moving my parents furniture in on Tuesday. Troy and Bean (Steph's bf) came to help, as well as another friend of Steph's along with his teenage son. So, I was spared for the most part only needing to do lighter stuff They did bring the piano to the office, but I haven't played for the turtles yet lol. All joking aside though, we had a few dogs while growing up with the last being a Rottweiler and boy she LOVED when I played. Granted I don't play that well because I can't sight read the music. I have to kind of rash out the music ahead of time, work on putting it together and then almost memorize the piece. From there I can sight read to keep on track...it's kind of weird actually. I can sight read for the violin a bit better. I've really only ever fooled around with the piano, but have always enjoyed it. Anyways, Medusa was the Rottweiler, and it didn't matter how energetic she was acting, if I started played she stopped whatever she was doing and came to lay down right by the piano...it was definitely one way to calm her at times. I'll have to let you know if the turtles react the same way, although, they are never rambunctious to start with, lol. Wednesday I worked early and later, so my dad and I made our pumpkin rolls during that time. We had dinner at Steph's for Thanksgiving, which was quite enjoyable. This was my and my parents very first Thanksgiving away from Hazleton! Steph hasn't been back for this holiday since after graduating college, so a long time. And, she's been hosting since she bought her house about 7-8 years ago. Yesterday I lounged for the first half of the day and watched most of Gilmore Girls that Netflix released. It's 4 - 90 minute episode and I have one left to watch this morning! In the afternoon we went downtown (me, Troy, mom, dad, Steph, and her friend Rose) to the holiday market, then for dinner, and then to see A Christmas Story The Musical. It was quite enjoyable and my parents first ever theater experience. I figured I'd take this moment to check in with you ladies this morning while I had the laptop out Have a great weekend everyone! Oh, Judy....beautiful Christmas tree bookmarks!
  7. Good afternoon housemates! It looks like everyone is pretty busy right now, as is customary around the holidays. Sunday was a lazy day for me....well, after Zumba anyways. They had a free class in the morning at Phipp's Conservatory so my friend Kristen and I went, it was a great class. Then we went to lunch, lol, and Troy joined us. Then, it was fairly relaxing. My only responsibility was cooking dinner, and I also made a pumpkin bread and some spicy pumpkin hummus! Yummy! Yesterday wasn't very busy for me. I had a patient in the morning and a couple in the evening. So, I met Troy for lunch. We had to go to have an affidavit notarized for his employer that we are domestic partners so I can get on his insurance for next year! I'm super excited to know I'm going to have good coverage...finally!!! My parents are on their way back to town as we speak and with their furniture! So, that's what I'll be doing this evening. I have to make room at the office for my piano! There's no room at the new house for it and there is a lot of room at my office, it'll just take some rearranging. If I don't get back by Thursday....HAPPY THANKSGIVING everyone!
  8. Happy Saturday everyone! I can't believe I haven't been here since the 3rd! And of course, it's been busy. My parents main floor is almost done! Just have to finish the bathroom and the closet in the master bedroom All of the tile has been removed in the bathroom and all of the new fixtures have been purchased and are ready to go. We still have some wallpaper to remove and dad has to decide exactly WHAT to do with the walls in there! They went back to Hazleton on Thursday and when the come back Tuesday the furniture is coming with them and they will finally start staying at their own house!!! So exciting I took some quick brief notes as I skimmed through to catch up so if I miss anything important...I'm sorry! Judy - The coasters are super cute. I love the idea of the barter with your friend! And, I'm in just as much shock about the vet! Joanne - I'm sure you loved having everyone there while they got their floors done and I'm sure they wore you out! Gorgeous blanket and I hope your brother is on the mend! Marlene - I'm glad to hear you are doing better, how are you feeling now after your procedures? Did you figure out what Maya broke out from? I found the snowman topper in Ravelry, but since it's a free download I can share it...so here is the link http://www.freepatterns.com/detail.html?code=FC00920&cat_id=318 Mary - So glad to hear Gracie did well with the surgery and is feeling better! How wonderful that the boys had grandparents day to show you all of the things important...like the playground I love it! I hope your headache is feeling better by now! LeeAnn - We still have the whole basement to renovate after finishing upstairs, but that can be done more leisurely and will wait until after the holidays. That way my parents can settle in and take their time then. Love the dragonfly poncho...and just in time for the release of the Gilmore Girls! Ooo, I always love the minty freshness of a peppermint soap at this time of year, how did they turn out?! Cindy - Glad to hear your water softener has been behaving! All of your meals from your cooking spree sound delicious! I hope you enjoyed your lunch with your friends. Alrighty, MY chiropractor just arrived so we can trade adjustments! Off I go and then to a local crochet group
  9. Good morning ladies! It is a rainy and overcast day here today with falling temps. We were in the 70's yesterday and with the temps today we should be down in the 40's tomorrow....no wonder my allergies are acting up like crazy! Tuesday was a busy day at the office, but before that I ran my mom to the mall quickly to pick up a pot my dad ordered from Sears. A big 16 quart pot to use when they are canning tomatoes Then we ran into Target. She wanted some cute kitchen towels (non-holiday related) and found some there for only $2.50 each. I'm going to put towel toppers on them for her so she can attach them to the dishwasher next to the sink. She has a double wall oven, which is where she likes to hang her kitchen towels but the new kitchen setup doesn't make it easy for drying hands anymore. I also found a super cute snowman towel hanger that doesn't attach to the towel so you can just switch out the towels throughout the season....I'm going to make one for myself, probably my mom, and maybe my sister and Troy's mom....but, we'll see how the first one goes before I make that commitment LOL Yesterday I got up to my parents around 3pm after my patients and my mom and I painted the living room ceiling. Before I got there she did the ceiling in the new closet in the master bedroom. After I dropped her off this morning she was going to paint the walls in the closet and wait for me to help with the living room. She said she doesn't do a good job with the cutting in (edging), but that it wouldn't matter in the closet. I think tonight is wing night, but with my diet...it'll be salad for me. I think I've discovered an allergy to corn! I never would've suspected and although it sat well in my stomach, I've had other types of symptoms with that one...crazy! I still haven't added wheat yet, but it's high on my list to get to soon. Just need to give a few days to let my body normalize after the corn. Judy - WTG on the decluttering....I need to do that too! Mary - Sorry to hear that Gracie needs an ACL surgery! Prayers that all goes well! Cindy - Oh boy about the water heater, I hope none of your sewing things were ruined from it! Gorgeous gold birch tree. What kind of bread did you make? Oh, and congrats on being the newest bag lady!!! LeeAnn - Wow, 80+ hour work weeks! Hopefully you can make some 'relaxing' time for yourself. My mom had both of her knees replaced at separate times and did really well. It's important to really push the PT and doing all of the extra stuff at home in between sessions that she's supposed to be doing. Good luck with the paperwork...I know that I can never get it caught up so I hope you have a better outcome than I do. lol Catch y'all later
  10. Happy happy Halloween ladies! I had a good weekend. Bingo was fun and mom enjoyed herself a lot! Yesterday I got the bathroom cleaned and Troy did laundry. We had some French Onion soup for lunch and then I headed over to my parents to help out and Troy joined us for dinner. I got to sit and relax a bit last night and got some of the stocking done! Cindy - Glad you made it home. Did the grandkids leave some extra dirt for you to clean up today? Good think you held off and waited on the vacuuming Mary - I bet you had a great time with the boys even though they wore you out! Judy - I don't actually know yet how the pumpkins are doing, we haven't gotten back together yet. The stocking is knit and I agree with mom's cousin as well. The hats are great! Joann - I can't wait to see your new tote bag that you make from the sweater! Glad things are getting back to normal for you.
  11. Good morning house! Where has another week gone??? It's been busy yet again. I haven't had much crafting time and do need to fit some in for Troy's Christmas stocking. Mom's house (at least the main floor) should be done in time for her to decorate. Troy got stuck with the 'generic' stocking last year, but I did make my sisters bf one last year. My mom's cousin (who made all of ours and is the one who taught me to knit and crochet) never made him one. Even though they've been together for 10-11 years now, she won't make them until the person is married in because she made my fiancé one back after we got engaged but then the wedding never happened. So, I made Steph's bf a stocking last year and now this year I'm making Troy one and let him pick his pattern out...he was pretty excited to be involved. lol My parents left last Saturday and dad came back on Monday so I've been at the house helping in between patients. Thursday I had our yarn night with my friends Becca and Em (who I met at the Knit the Bridge project) and we attempted to make yarn pumpkins. They needed to dry (glue was involved) so I'm not quite sure of their outcome yet. Yesterday the countertop guys came back to fix their job. Not sure if I mentioned previously, they cut the spot a 30" range top, but mom got a 36" range top! So, the kitchen is officially done! Mom drove back yesterday and we spent the later afternoon unpacking kitchen stuff and washing dishes, etc. We went out to eat and to pick up some organizing type of the things she needed to get before we can continue. So, I'm heading up there after my patients this morning to help her continue organizing (I LOVE organizing! lol) and I'm bringing stuff to attempt a gluten free pumpkin bread recipe that I found...fingers crossed. I actually tried twice already and failed both times. The inside did not cooking while the outside was almost burning! I got 2 different flours to try so we'll see how that goes because after my failure, I read the comments on the recipe and found that someone else who used the flour I did had the same problem. Unfortunately I wasn't able to find the specific gluten free flour that the girl used in the recipe, so we'll see how these 2 go. I should be adding wheat back in fairly soon anyways and I honestly don't think that it's going to pose a problem for me, but time will tell. Tonight me, mom, and Troy are going to Outrageous Bingo, which is a fundraiser for the LGBT community and the facility where they have the event at a Jewish Church/Temple. It's always a lot of fun. They do it once a month and always sell out quickly. We have some other friends going as well, so it should be an awesome time. It's mom's first time and is not a bingo person, but I told her that it's very laid back and silly with an intermission show of lip syncing acts! She's actually quite excited to go. LeeAnn - So sorry to hear about your dd and Sam, she'll bounce back...we all do Great news about the Chamber event and your Etsy class! I hope you're getting things crossed off your holiday to do list, it's coming VERY quickly! Judy - Scooby ghan is awesome and I'm excited that Larissa loved it so much! Glad to hear you found a dress for the wedding reception. How are the hats coming along? Mary - Sending prayers for dh's new medication to work out so he can hold off the surgery a while longer. How sweet of you to make scarves for the classmates. Cindy - Thanks for all the info about granite, I knew it wasn't uniform but I didn't really know the rest about it. Glad to hear you had a good vacation and were able to adjust your plans to accommodate the large crowds! Sounds like you made some good reading and knitting progress. Joann - I'm sure you loved babysitting as much as your dd loved having you babysit. How was the art event that she went to? Marlene - I hope the new BP med helps the cough and that you hear back about your procedure. Sounds like your brother's diagnosis is promising, what is the plan of action for him? Did you get your sleep thing moved up sooner? Sounds like you're having fun with the kids! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! Happy Halloween in case I don't make it back on Monday!
  12. Good morning house Wow, once again I can't believe it's been over a week since I stopped by last! Well, as you know my parents went home last week, but my dad ended up coming back on Monday while mom drove back on Thursday. So, I was still over there every day helping. I figure the less I do, the more they have to do They got their WiFi hooked up and cable lines run. Dad did more electrical and yesterday switched out the front door. Today their countertops are being installed (they went with quartz) and tomorrow the range top and dishwasher will be installed They are going back to Hazleton on Friday or Saturday for the week. Someone looked at their house earlier in the week, but I don't know if they'll give an offer or not. Troy and I stained his front deck with the first coat over the weekend...the weather was perfect for it. But, it took us a LONG time to get it done. I love painting, but not so much deck jobs...I prefer rooms/regular walls, all the spindles were just annoying, lol. He's been sick since last week, but is taking an antibiotic and I thought I was getting it as well on Monday then. But, I reconsidered because of the weather so yesterday I went to get the allergy meds that actually help me and I'm feeling a million times better! LeeAnn - dd is gorgeous! Glad to hear that Sam is a nice young man. I love that poncho, super cute! Judy - I'm still doing the Elimination Diet and have added a few things back so far, but the buffalo chicken dip has ranch dressing and cream cheese which are both in categories that I have not added back into my diet yet while I'm trying to figure out food intolerances. Scooby is working up great! Mary - Glad to hear you got your gardening done. I hope everything works out alright with DH! Joanne - Happy belated birthday (but I think I got you on FB ) How awesome that you got to go to a playoff game while in Boston! The Red Sox was my very first professional sport game ever, I think I was in 8th grade at the time and we were there on a band trip Sending prayers for your brother and his surgery Cindy - Sounds like you've been getting some things done around the house and getting ready for vaca! I hope you have a great time and I love the shawl you picked out! Marlene - I hope you hear back about the procedure soon and that you're able to get everything done before you head to Texas! Prayers for your brother and his heart cath! I hope baby G is feeling better
  13. I just wrote a short novel above and forgot.... CONGRATS LEEANN!!! I saw on FB that you are Mary Jo's newest 'bag lady' for this month
  14. Good morning ladies! It looks like I fell off the wagon again already, but at least I'm regaining much quicker than a couple years. I just kind of skimmed through the posts and didn't take notes. It's been a busy couple weeks here though. That first week since I was here last was spent 'sprinting' to the finish line to have the kitchen ready for remodel scheduled to begin Monday October 3rd, which was the 2nd week (this week) that I missed. Anyways, dad managed to get the whole kitchen rewired, the plumbing redone, drywall up and patching that needed it. I pulled up carpet, staples, and tack strips in the areas that were relevant to our project meaning that it's still not all done, but we had to go a portion into the living to get the flooring down right since it's a snap & lock flooring. Me and mom painted the pertinent areas and mom did a lot of the 'gopher' stuff as she likes to call it since she can't really get on the floor (well, she can but it's the getting back up part that's a problem with 2 knee replacements). We finally started laying the flooring on Saturday later afternoon, which seemed a bit difficult to get going because the walls in this place are not quite straight/even (an ongoing struggle). Dad worked on the flooring Sunday, but Troy and I had stuff to do during the day so we didn't get there to help until about 4-4:30 and dad had...I'd say almost half done, but the half he was working into needed a lot of cutting of the 'wooden' slats. So when we got there we laid down the middle part of the flooring while dad handles both ends by the walls that needing to be cut so it worked out well and moved along much quicker. We ended up finishing at 9pm Sunday night. The install guys came around 8am Monday morning....so we made it! It's been busy this week too because most of what we had to do had to be done after the install guys were done for the day. They were booked for 3 days, but didn't finish on Wed so came back yesterday to finish. The new fridge was also delivered on Monday, but the guys didn't leave the ice making kit! We spent Thursday running errands....off to Sears about the ice making kit, which they gave us without a problem. And to IKEA to return kitchen pieces that we didn't even use...I'm not quite sure how they did their measurements, but we returned $600 worth of stuff that we did not need! One piece of it we needed to exchange for a different size, plus my parents had gone the day before to return/exchange something that needed a different size (that was due to a cabinet that we needed to downsize from 36" to 30" because it didn't quite fit next to the window). The guy was out on Thursday to measure for the countertops (also ordered from IKEA), they are getting a quartz top due to durability and NO maintenance (right up mom's alley, lol). My parents left yesterday to head back to Hazleton for the week, which is nice for mom to get stuff done back there since the last 2 times they went back it was only over 1 or 2 nights. Hopefully now we can slow down a bit since we don't have that timeline anymore. Last night Troy and I ran errands, I needed stuff to make buffalo chicken dip to take to his niece's birthday party today. Although we can't eat it, that was the request. We are going to eat before we head over to the party assuming we won't be able to have anything there, which is fine since we're prepared. We were planning to go stain the decks at one of his rental units this morning, but it's wet out and quite cool so I don't think that's happening His buddy powerwashed it for him this week though, so we need to get it done! For the record, I really never felt the need to own a home because I didn't want to deal with all the house stuff....repairs, maintenance, etc. I like just calling the landlord to fix stuff. And here I am....between my parents house and Troy's rental, lol. Sometimes God's plan for us is different from our own! I'm actually enjoying doing everything to help them both though, although my crochet time is severely suffering Anyhow..... Great projects.... I saw a few blankets (Judy and LeeAnn I think) and a fall door decoration (Michelle I think). I also hate cleaning and I told Troy when we move we need cleaning people! He wants a decent size house and I'm already having trouble keeping up with this little one....granted it's so clustered in here there's no where to go with anything so that doesn't help. Michelle - I recently picked up a book at a seminar called The DeFlame Diet by David R. Seaman that may potentially be of interest to you. I hope everyone has a wonderful Saturday and everyone in the wake of Matthew stays safe!
  15. Hello there house! I'm just making a quick stop today since I haven't gotten in all week. It's been busy between patients and helping my parents...I've spent the week busting up tile from the kitchen floor! I'm a bit on the sore side, lol. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! BUT, my birthday is not until January I hope I didn't say something to confuse everyone, or maybe it's not correct on Crochetville...I'll have to check that out. Gorgeous projects Judy and Joanne I hope you're all having a great week and I wish you all a wonderful weekend
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