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  1. Good morning ladies! Well, it looks like January got away from me a bit....well, maybe a lot! First of all....thank you all for the wonderful Birthday Wishes! I skimmed the posts, but did not take notes. But, I saw a couple gorgeous afghans by Joanne and Judy as well as a repaired ghan by Judy...beautiful work ladies. I'm sorry I can't remember who made the tote bag for their dd's birthday, but I love it! And LeeAnn's ice fest looked like an awesome time! What have I been up to, you ask? Well, January was quite the busy month. For starters, I never did get sick....just to
  2. Happy Sunday ladies! Well, I seem to be getting here on a weekly basis, but still want to improve on that. We had a quiet New Year's Eve, which was great and I got some crochet time in too! I feel like I've been fighting a cold all week, but still going strong My friends and I had 'yarn night' at my mom's house on Friday....she was excited to host and had an array of snacks! Yesterday I had a full day of patients squeezed into the morning, which I just finished the paperwork now so I decided to check in while my laptop was out and booted up. I went to a local CGOA group yesterday (th
  3. Happy New Year's Eve! I wish you all health and happiness in 2017! I had a fairly uneventful week, so not much to report today. Cindy - We call them donuts too...and they are quite scary! Glad you were alright...also glad to hear that your brother's house didn't burn! I love that you set out to make a tote and instead made the purse organizer...totally something I would do, lol. Judy - We didn't even start the downstairs yet, that'll be coming up in the spring I suppose. My sister and I 'get' to design it, lol. We finished their main living floor (it's a ranch house). M
  4. Good morning housemates! I hope you all had a very wonderful Merry Christmas! Last week was a busy one and mom managed to get enough baking done to feel good about it. She really scaled back this year in both, types of cookie and amount of each! She made Italian cookies, Russian Tea Biscuits, Nut Tassy's, Chocolate Chip, Oatmeal Raisin, Pineapple, Coconut, Cherry, Nut Kolachy's, and Pizzelle's (both Vanilla and Anise)....I think that's it. We had both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner at their new house! On Christmas Eve, we were 15....so she was a happy camper for sure.
  5. Hello there housemates! I can't believe I haven't stopped by since just after Thanksgiving! I've been busy. My parents finished the main living floor and now mom's baking her Christmas cookies! We went to Tampa to visit family and join the celebration of my cousin's fiancée's graduation The office has been fairly busy as the end of the year tends to be since people have generally met their deductible's by now, lol. Next week is fairly light, but it's the week before Christmas so we'll see how it ultimately turns out. I started to read the posts I've missed, but then I realized th
  6. Good morning ladies I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! We had help moving my parents furniture in on Tuesday. Troy and Bean (Steph's bf) came to help, as well as another friend of Steph's along with his teenage son. So, I was spared for the most part only needing to do lighter stuff They did bring the piano to the office, but I haven't played for the turtles yet lol. All joking aside though, we had a few dogs while growing up with the last being a Rottweiler and boy she LOVED when I played. Granted I don't play that well because I can't sight read the music. I have to
  7. Good afternoon housemates! It looks like everyone is pretty busy right now, as is customary around the holidays. Sunday was a lazy day for me....well, after Zumba anyways. They had a free class in the morning at Phipp's Conservatory so my friend Kristen and I went, it was a great class. Then we went to lunch, lol, and Troy joined us. Then, it was fairly relaxing. My only responsibility was cooking dinner, and I also made a pumpkin bread and some spicy pumpkin hummus! Yummy! Yesterday wasn't very busy for me. I had a patient in the morning and a couple in the evening. So, I met
  8. Happy Saturday everyone! I can't believe I haven't been here since the 3rd! And of course, it's been busy. My parents main floor is almost done! Just have to finish the bathroom and the closet in the master bedroom All of the tile has been removed in the bathroom and all of the new fixtures have been purchased and are ready to go. We still have some wallpaper to remove and dad has to decide exactly WHAT to do with the walls in there! They went back to Hazleton on Thursday and when the come back Tuesday the furniture is coming with them and they will finally start staying at their
  9. Good morning ladies! It is a rainy and overcast day here today with falling temps. We were in the 70's yesterday and with the temps today we should be down in the 40's tomorrow....no wonder my allergies are acting up like crazy! Tuesday was a busy day at the office, but before that I ran my mom to the mall quickly to pick up a pot my dad ordered from Sears. A big 16 quart pot to use when they are canning tomatoes Then we ran into Target. She wanted some cute kitchen towels (non-holiday related) and found some there for only $2.50 each. I'm going to put towel toppers on them for her
  10. Happy happy Halloween ladies! I had a good weekend. Bingo was fun and mom enjoyed herself a lot! Yesterday I got the bathroom cleaned and Troy did laundry. We had some French Onion soup for lunch and then I headed over to my parents to help out and Troy joined us for dinner. I got to sit and relax a bit last night and got some of the stocking done! Cindy - Glad you made it home. Did the grandkids leave some extra dirt for you to clean up today? Good think you held off and waited on the vacuuming Mary - I bet you had a great time with the boys even though they
  11. Good morning house! Where has another week gone??? It's been busy yet again. I haven't had much crafting time and do need to fit some in for Troy's Christmas stocking. Mom's house (at least the main floor) should be done in time for her to decorate. Troy got stuck with the 'generic' stocking last year, but I did make my sisters bf one last year. My mom's cousin (who made all of ours and is the one who taught me to knit and crochet) never made him one. Even though they've been together for 10-11 years now, she won't make them until the person is married in because she made my fiancé o
  12. Good morning house Wow, once again I can't believe it's been over a week since I stopped by last! Well, as you know my parents went home last week, but my dad ended up coming back on Monday while mom drove back on Thursday. So, I was still over there every day helping. I figure the less I do, the more they have to do They got their WiFi hooked up and cable lines run. Dad did more electrical and yesterday switched out the front door. Today their countertops are being installed (they went with quartz) and tomorrow the range top and dishwasher will be installed They are going back t
  13. I just wrote a short novel above and forgot.... CONGRATS LEEANN!!! I saw on FB that you are Mary Jo's newest 'bag lady' for this month
  14. Good morning ladies! It looks like I fell off the wagon again already, but at least I'm regaining much quicker than a couple years. I just kind of skimmed through the posts and didn't take notes. It's been a busy couple weeks here though. That first week since I was here last was spent 'sprinting' to the finish line to have the kitchen ready for remodel scheduled to begin Monday October 3rd, which was the 2nd week (this week) that I missed. Anyways, dad managed to get the whole kitchen rewired, the plumbing redone, drywall up and patching that needed it. I pulled up carpet, staples, a
  15. Hello there house! I'm just making a quick stop today since I haven't gotten in all week. It's been busy between patients and helping my parents...I've spent the week busting up tile from the kitchen floor! I'm a bit on the sore side, lol. Thank you all for the wonderful birthday wishes! BUT, my birthday is not until January I hope I didn't say something to confuse everyone, or maybe it's not correct on Crochetville...I'll have to check that out. Gorgeous projects Judy and Joanne I hope you're all having a great week and I wish you all a wonderful weekend
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