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    Hooked on crochet; find me on Ravelry as TropicalSeas! :D
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    Stuffed animals, with afghans a close second.
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  1. I'm making an afghan for my mother and a bunny toy for my sister. C: Plenty of fun.
  2. acval


    Welcome from Texas! 'fraid I don't know of any fabulous crochet-filled stores in SanFran. :< As Tampa Doll said, do whatever is most comfortable for you. You can get carpal tunnel from any kind of repetitive motion done with your hands, and techniques to keep from getting it are pretty much the same as avoiding ct acquired via typing: stretch, take breaks often, how you hold your arms... that sort of thing. I use aluminum hooks and hold them like a knife, and I've never have any problems unless I'm crocheting for hours on end... but even then it's the hand holding the yarn that gets sore first! Glad to see a new face!
  3. I didn't know there were programs that graphed patterns for you. Huh... and here I've been tinkering with MS Paint. This thread has helped me out, too! =3
  4. I hail from north Texas, in the D/FW area. Nice to see so many crocheters in my area!
  5. mama crochet, that's amazing! Wow! I mean... WOW! =O
  6. Wow, that's really elegant! I could use that for more than just a snow flake afghan... thanks for the pattern!
  7. That is just too cute! Definitely adding this one to my list. <3
  8. 8D Cool! Thanks everyone. I'll definitely have to hunt for something a little less pricey, of course, but now I've seen it, I know I can't rest until I've made something from it!
  9. I saw an ad for this on Ravelry: http://www.seedstitchfineyarn.com/p-431-nightlight-glow-in-the-dark-yarn.aspx That looks really cool! I mean, seriously -- yarn that glows in the dark? It seems almost too good to be true, so here I am. Has anybody used this, or any brand of glow in the dark yarn before, and does it work? Is it a good yarn to work with, or is there anything frustrating about it...? Or just any information in general you may have on this incredibly FABULOUS idea. Glow in the dark yarn. I love it! What will they think of next?
  10. Some of those are just too cute! Wish I'd gotten to see him on the telly. C:
  11. I'm impressed at the wide range of ages there are here! =D I'm 20 and have been crocheting for several months; taught myself at first, then got some help from my mother, who has been crocheting for... years. Keep up the fabulous hookage, my fellow yarn bretheren! And sisteran. :3
  12. That is beautiful! I did think of doing a ripple, but it didn't occur to me to do one in a specific shape. C: That just opened up a whole new set of doors for me, haha. And windows.
  13. Wow, I didn't expect so many helpful responses! Thank you all so much!
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