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    NE oklahoma
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    um... crochet
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    uh... 2001 or 2
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    slippers and dolls
  1. darned&amused

    who taught you to crochet?

    My great grandma storie taught me. She wouldnt teach me anymore the a sc because "I didn't hold my yarn right". lol then when i picked it up again she told my mom it was a personal preference.
  2. darned&amused

    Pound Of Love Yarn

    I don't like using the pound of love skeins even though they are very soft i had my fiancee wind it into a ball for me because mine always always end up tied in huge knots in the center.i have to pull the whole center out and go from there.
  3. darned&amused

    Just how old are you?

    i'm 19 and i learned when i was 10 or 11
  4. could you maybe add a knooking and a filet crochet section? i know there is a thread crochet section but they really aren't the same.
  5. darned&amused


    red heart super saver. i would just like it to be flat before i put it all together
  6. darned&amused


    what is the best way to block for a pillow?
  7. darned&amused

    Is this even a crochet stitch??

    survival bracelets
  8. darned&amused

    Is this even a crochet stitch??

    looks like a survival bracelet knot with fabric to me
  9. darned&amused

    knooking needles

    Where can you buy knooking needles? I think its an awesome technique.
  10. darned&amused

    In April I will

    the 2 baby blankets and 4 sets of mittens and booties
  11. darned&amused

    hooded blanket from lion brand

    Has anyone made this blanket? http://www.lionbrand.com/cgi-bin/patternRating.cgi?showReview=1&itemKey=1922237456&start=20&pageLength=10 i just wanted to know how long it took to make
  12. darned&amused

    Itty Bitty Friendship Bra

    i would really like this pattern. if someone could please help me find it
  13. darned&amused

    crochet rose

    I saw this pattern on a website. i think it was a Portuguese blog it was chain 40 double crochet in each across 1 in next dc, 2 dc in next dc. then you sew it together somehow. just wondered if anyone else has seen it.
  14. darned&amused

    sweater from knit and crochet today

    according to that schedule the sweater episode will air on the 24th or this month
  15. I watch a tv called knit and crochet today and they had a very pretty sweater on there this week. It was made with a chunky yarn and was made with front post double crochets and single crochets. i would like to make it but i can't find the pattern. It aired last January its episode 217