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  1. I don't have an 8 point but do have the "more points" you mentioned. How about a 12 point afghan? It is for a baby afghan, but you could always use a larger hook and keep going on the rows to make it bigger. http://www.angelfire.com/tx5/angelcrafts/patterns/roundripple.html
  2. I am making the attached afghan. It is an Annie's Attic pattern from back around that time. I am only half way done right now, but it is coming along beautifully! It is all single crochet, worked in the back loops. There is basically just the graph to go by. Only difficult part is when you are working with 3 colors and the strands get all tangled up behind where you are working. I have never figured how to avoid that. I have actually adapted it already and changed one of the 3 color sections so that I only have to work with two at a time. I bought the pattern on ebay along with another that has a Navaho design.
  3. I have seen several different cradle purse patterns and wonder which one you all like the best. Do you have a favorite to recommend? I am going to make several for the little girls in the family and want to find the best pattern. It can be a free one or one to purchase. Please give me your opinions. Thanks in advance. I couldn't edit the title.....should have been Cradle Purse or Bassinette Purse. I had doll on the brain because I was thinking I would have to find the dolls to go in them as well.
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