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  1. I am always learning things on here! I had seen the mittens with the top that flipped over and allowed the finger tips to be free for texting and other things... but never had seen gloves with each finger flipping open! Very cool! I may try these. But I would love to hear how they actually wear. With each fingertip flipping open, seems they might be subject to stretching out and maybe not sitting back tight again after multiple uses. If they do wear well, I'd love to make a pair for myself.
  2. I searched around and found only this one Fair Isle with trees. It is for a Christmas stocking but I think it will work for you: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fair-isle-beanie-3 I think it will work great since it is in a round for the stocking already and you could just work it into a Rasta Hat pattern. It may require more repeats to make it big enough, but I really think it would work fine. This would be my first choice if you can get a copy of Annie's Hooked on Crochet!, December 2007. If not this one, then you could make your own from scratch or substitute only the tree row in another pattern. Since the fair isle patterns are worked as a block chart, it would not be difficult to substitute some rows to make some trees in the pattern. That is my alternate suggestion, find a nice fair isle pattern, and then take the block graph aside, make another copy of it and insert green blocks to make a row of trees. Make them simple trees with just a triangle attached to a trunk. That should be easy enough to do or i you can get the Annies Hooked On Crochet book that the stocking is in, just use the tree from that pattern. There really are hundreds of Rasta hat patterns, so you are basically going to replace whatever stitches are in the middle section of the hat with Fair Isle (edited to include your tree row). I would do the beginning and end of the Rasta hat just as the pattern you choose shows. I'd pick a simple one like this: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/rasta-hat-2 This beanie claims to be Fair Isle, and you could check with your SIL to see if it is close enough for him. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/fair-isle-beanie-3 It doesn't really say Fair Isle to me, but some may think so. Not sure you'd want to buy the pattern and still have to adapt it to a Rasta hat. But I guess that would be the same as for the stocking pattern. You'd have to buy the book it is in. Might be easier to come up with your own, depending on how you like making up patterns.
  3. That is one beautiful afghan!
  4. Hmmm, that's not right! I received an invite from someone else and that made it very easy. If you want, send me your email in a PM and I will send you a Pinterest invite.
  5. You crack me up, Jimbo! Thanks, I needed that LOL and the monitor was needing a good washing anyway. I can see you looking at the logging trucks with a glint in your eye too, thinking how many hooks you could make out of just one of those trees! Hope your grandson gets an honorable mention in the pattern development clause.
  6. I'm glad I don't run into people who give such rude remarks! I have honestly never had anything but positive comments about my crochet. People say things like, "Wish I could do that," and "That's beautiful, how do you do that?" But I've never had anyone suggest it was a waste of time or money or tell me I should get a real job! I would probably go speechless and think of an appropriate comment too late. I don't know why anyone would want to do that to another person! Sorry you have run into such louts! Move down south -- I find the people here so friendly and courteous overall. There are some exceptions but for the most part, I just love it here.
  7. Very cute -- this is more what I think of when I think crocheted Christmas decorations.
  8. I've seen the Creepy Cute book but never imagined there was one out that was quite this macabre! LOL! Not for me but glad people have fun with it. And who knows.... I might change my mind. I never thought I'd like the Goth look with tats & dog collars but I love Abby Sciuto from NCIS! There are some great patterns of her on Ravelry.
  9. You sound just like me! I have bought the same book more than once! It is hard to remember all that we have, especially in these collections where one pattern may take your attention that you overlooked the first time you looked through. Glad you found you already had it! I gave the links because I did not think many would want to give up this book from their own collections either. It is one of those "keepers" that you may not use a lot but it is fun to look through.
  10. If you like that one, you will probably like the one Carlinda designed a month or more ago: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/its-a-hoot-an-owl-hat
  11. Don't forget to count your chains as the first stitch too! Usually you will chain 2 or chain 3 to begin a new round, and that chain counts as the first DC stitch.
  12. What beautiful gift tags! Love your little granddaughter's outfit and the cute idea of a Garfield Album for your grandson! You are truly inspirational with all of these thrifty, crafty and imaginative Christmas ideas! I think you really show the spirit of Christmas while saving a bunch and winding up with much better than usual items! It is that creative imagination that makes gift giving even more special. You did GREAT!
  13. LOVE your version of the Divine hat! The chunky yarn looks great and I love the self-striping. I may have to make one with chunky yarn too! I love you having the confidence to just give it a try. Too often I don't and then I am aggravated at myself. After all -- what is the worst that can happen? You might have to frog and start over. In your case, you adjusted as you went and made a great hat + finished off your left-over yarn (a habit I need to get into!) Since I am right here, Steph, here is the Divine hat: http://www.rheatheylia.com/index.php?page=patterns&id=10
  14. Here is one on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Ribbon-Afghans-Americas-State-Fairs/dp/1579906710 -- Only $10.16 with free super saver shipping from Amazon itself or for as low as $6-something for another vendor. I usually try to stick with Amazon when I can but have had good luck with books through their participating vendors too. There are many on ebay too with prices ranging from reasonable to ridiculous! http://www.ebay.com/ctg/Blue-Ribbon-Afghans-Americas-State-Fairs-Valerie-Van-Arsdale-Shrader-2005-Paperback-/43999128 Be careful on ebay. There are some that will try to overcharge like crazy! I know how you feel ~ I could not rest until I had this book after I saw a listing that showed several of their best designs! It is a good book! Mine is a little old looking but I can still read it just fine!
  15. I agree with Granny Square -- if you find a 52" square tablecloth, it should be perfect. 52" Square is a standard size and you should be able to find it at any department store with housewares department. I did a quick check with Amazon and they have tons of them. If you are thinking 52" is too big, here is a 45" hand crocheted tablecloth for only $22! I sure would not make one for that! http://www.amazon.com/Cotton-Handmade-Crochet-Table-Square/dp/B004VSLFJC/ref=sr_1_11?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1325811919&sr=1-11 For me, I would prefer the over hang the 52" or even a 54" provides, like this: http://www.amazon.com/Handmade-Crochet-Tablecloth-Square-Cotton/dp/B005245VPI/ref=sr_1_13?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1325812220&sr=1-13 Most yarns are not really going to give you a nice tablecloth. Only thread will. If you do not like to work in thin (10-30) thread, you could go up to a #3. My arthritic fingers do not like thread at all but I can do small projects at a time with #3 thread. I did a search through Ravelry and found NO actual tablecloths done in acrylic yarn, so, it is not just a couple of people suggesting not to use acrylic yarn. They all use thread -- and a couple were in larger cotton, one in Debbie Bliss Cotton and another in Peaches & Cream Cotton. I just do not think you will be happy with a table cloth done in acrylic yarn. Tableware will not sit nicely on it. To see what we mean, take any afghan you have around the house and throw it on the table. Eat with it there several times,including glassware & taller serving pieces. I think you will see the wobble and uneven base it gives. But.... on the other hand, if you do come up with something that works great, maybe you will have an original idea others will want to try too! I don't ever completely close my mind as sometimes redesigning age-old projects can give us something amazingly great! So, pls share if you do make one if acylic yarn and it works for you!
  16. VERY NICE! My oldest son would LOVE this too as he is a very big Cubs fan and has been ever since we lived up NW of Chicago in Northbrook, IL. Do you have a pattern for the graph that is easy to share? Did you make it with the online graph maker.... can't think of the name right now. You sure did a great job with this -- no wonder your son loves it. I imagine it is the hit of all his friends too.
  17. I ask crochet designers all the time. None have turned me down. Since the pin always links back to them, it just brings more people to their blogs, etsy & Ravelry listings. I asked Prudence Mapstone -- the Freeform artist a while back and she was very kind, even sent me to her own Pinterest page.
  18. Seems like a fun hobby. I have told myself no more crafts! I have to draw the line somewhere and my craft room runneth over already! LOL! How about some polymer clay covered crochet hooks? I have seen them done, but don't remember if they were for sale or not.
  19. Once again, you amaze me! You sure do make a lot of afghans and all so beautiful! I love the angels & Hello Kitty best but could not pick just one favorite this time.
  20. I LOVE it and the color is perfect! Purple is my favorite color and you managed to find such a rich purple yarn! Beautiful!
  21. It was frustrating because some just did not see that it was wrong. There was not enough money involved in my case to ever think about legal action. A few of us who were tired of it did go to some of the arts & crafts show promoters and get them to threaten banning if copying continued. That helped. Some also stopped when you explained that it was an original design and not something from a book that allowed sale of finished works. Still, all in all, I LOVED those years my husband and I sold at arts & crafts shows! We had so much fun and met the best folks! It all started from my little crochet booth! I saw others with painting, which made me want to learn. I went to Priscilla Hauser's painting classes at her Studio By the Sea in Panama City, FL. I fell in love with painting! Wound up teaching classes myself at Adult Education Classes and in my home. Lots of fun!
  22. I love all the colors worked together! My eye is always taken by the projects with the most color. I have started getting braver with color myself in recent years. I think I was too into neutrals and matchy-matchy in the past. It is so much more fun to have lots of bright colors around you! You have a pet named Clooney? LOVE IT! Why did I not think of that since I am such a fan of George's? I loved him in just about everything but especially in "Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?" The only other actor I think is close, is Matthew McConaughey and I still feel like a dirty old lady looking at him! That Dulce Gabanna cologne commercial is pretty amazing though! Sorry ... how did I get so far off topic???????
  23. DebraKay


    That is very cute and I love the concept of your Quillow! I had to look a second time before I understood the blanket was coming out of the pillow!
  24. Jeanne -- thanks so much for posting that link -- that is so amazing! She is a serious artist! Bravo Shauna Richardson and her crochetdermy!
  25. I am allergic to wool -- mild allergy, I just get bright red and then small red spots & itching with constant contact. But, I do not seem to be allergic to alpaca and yes, you can felt alpaca. Here is a link to look at: http://www.owning-alpaca.com/alpaca-fiber.html Wool blends and the treated wools do not felt well either. I had thought about trying them as I can have contact enough to crochet with some of the treated wools & blends. But from everything I read, they do not make good felting candidates.
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