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  1. I'm sure this forum might become inundated with these since almost 500 of them were made... but here is my octagon and squares blanket....
  2. Updated! Yay!!! Amy's Stitchery - Thank you, Ransom E Olds
  3. I really really love this. I'd love to try it with funky bright colors.
  4. Thank you, everyone. The pattern is from the Lion Brand website. It is a log cabin pattern. She did love it and I did give her the washing instructions. She cried. I mentioned about the baby puking and pooing on it specifically, so I'm confident she knows it can stand up. People think crocheted afghans are so delicate. They're tough, tough blankets. We wouldn't have many from our grandmothers and great-grandmothers if they weren't. I'm confident she'll use it. Now on to the name wreath in nursery colors for the wall.
  5. I finished this today for my best friend. I started it before I knew the sex (which is a boy, btw... her second boy) but obviously started it long after I've first known my friend. If the blanket is beautiful, if it is white and pale blue and pale pink, if people would look at it and gape in wonder at its majesty... she would never ever use it for fear of ruining it. So I knew what I made her would have to be messy already. Borderline ugly. So that when her baby pukes on it, poos on it, drags it through the dirt as a toddler she won't worry that it's ruined. I want it to be well-loved and well used. Not displayed. So without further ado.... the baby blanket that my friend will hopefully use.
  6. I just wanted to reintroduce myself. It's been a few years and I'm ashamed to say I put my crochet down for quite awhile. I started crocheting because my grandmother did and I realized no one else in the family did. And it felt like someone should. So I learned. She only saw one thing I made... poorly... before she passed away. From there I crocheted all the time. It made me feel connected to her. She passed in 2008 and in November 2010 my pop-pop was just finally tired of missing her and died by unnatural causes. I stopped crocheting. Except for a couple little things. I'm not sure why that was my reaction to what he did or why I felt some reason for not crocheting once he did. But, I don't know... I just didn't do it. And then, my best friend became pregnant with her 2nd child due in May. This May. And a REASON to pick the hook up again showed itself and while it's taken be a bit to get back into it... I'm back into it and I'm remembering all the reasons I love it. So at any rate. Here I am. I'm back. Amy from Lancaster County, PA. Hello to everyone.
  7. I love this pattern by Rose red. this is my third one? My first one was a 5 - 10 - 20 pt. Not sure I'll ever do THAT again, but this was fun and easy to do in my spare time. I sent it off last week and it was delivered today. Can't wait for the parents to be to open it! It is a little over 3 ft in diameter.
  8. ala139

    My new scarf

    This is so pretty! Oh my gosh!
  9. Thanks all! It was easier than I thought. I was going to buy one and then came across the pattern on Etsy and decided last minute to make it. I started it Saturday morning and finished it Sunday night while watching the Eagles game. That took awhile as I am a die hard fan and did more cheering than crocheting and I had to sew the 2nd eye on 2 times before I finally gave up and pinned it on first. But it was worth it... the game was awesome.
  10. My best friend's baby is turning 1 today. I shipped this out on Monday.
  11. This is RoseRed's 5 - 10 pt. round ripple. It's really become my favorite go-to pattern. This has between 9 and 15 rows to go, but here it is so far.
  12. Thanks everyone!! With working full time and us trying to stockpile these blankets before we launch the outreach and community part of the site, I have a goal to get 1 blanket done every two weeks. And like I said we still need help. There's 3 of us and we want to get a large amount of blankets on hand. around 36x36 - any patterns, any colors, need some baby ones as well as non-baby. Any help will be appreciated. CR-Thank you so much for going to Band Back Together and checking it out. I feel it's important work we do there and I hope it continues to grow and be a safe haven people can go to to share their stories.
  13. Finished RR for Band Back Together outreach. It's 40 inches across. Also, we need more crocheters/knitters for help. any interested, let me know. Thanks. Also, sorry for the picture quality. It's the best my Droid could do.
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