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    Married, early 30-something with 5 four legged furry children.
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    Lancaster County, PA
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    Crocheting, Reading, Blogging
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    Off and on since around 2005.
  1. Updated! Yay!!! Amy's Stitchery - Thank you, Ransom E Olds
  2. I actually completely redid my blog, but since if I post a link to just my blog it will get deleted, I did a little post so I could use that in the link. Here it is.
  3. I've resurrected my blog. I started it ages ago and let it die. But with the rebirth of my presence on the Ville I thought it was time. I have a friend of mine working on a redesign so it's not so... well... ugly. So hopefully this week sometime it'll turn pretty.
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