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  1. I purchased a cross stitch chart online for it and simply used SCs for each square instead of cross stitching, changing colors as called for along the way.
  2. Each row took 20 minutes minimal. Some rows took longer due to lots of color changes. There were 240 rows of the pattern. Then it took me about 15-20 hours or so to sew in the ends. Then I added additional rows to make the blanket bigger for another 10-15 hours. In other words, a very long time. I'm not a super fast crocheter, but I'm not extremely slow either. It was a big project. People keep asking me to make them one, but when I tell them I wouldn't do it for less than $1,000 they seem to change their minds, but I figure I spent at least 100 hours on it and should be paid accordingly. Not
  3. He said he's going to wrap himself up in it for every game to give them luck. The one game he had it for, against the ATL Falcons, he did just that and THEY WON! So maybe next year will be better =)
  4. After a few years of planning, purchasing materials and then lots of work. I finally completed this project and gifted it to my brother for Christmas 2012.
  5. I hold the base of the stitches as I go. I started doing that with the tiny thread so I could guide the hook through easier and see everything better and the habit carries over to yarn. I do notice that I tend to be a fairly tight crocheter, but since I mostly do thread work, which I happen to like tighter stitching on anyhow, and blankets which I hate holey blankets, it works fine for me.
  6. Swayde


    It's lovely! Excellent color choices =)
  7. Moved from Riverview to Seffner, still in eastern Hillsborough County, just a little bit further north =)
  8. That is the coolest, neatest looking tissue box cover I have ever seen!
  9. Very nice job on your Steelers ghan! I can only hope my Bucs ghan comes out half as nice!
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