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  1. Moved from Riverview to Seffner, still in eastern Hillsborough County, just a little bit further north =)
  2. That is the coolest, neatest looking tissue box cover I have ever seen!
  3. Very nice job on your Steelers ghan! I can only hope my Bucs ghan comes out half as nice!
  4. I made a ripple afghan for my son out of Bernat Camouflage 5 years ago and it's held up nicely, and that was my first afghan so probably not made perfectly. I made a baby blanket 4 years ago for my niece out of Caron Simply Soft and it has held up, but I don't know how much use it got. I think my sister-in-law thought it was too pretty to actually use so it ended up decorating the nursery. It was really pretty, lacy looking and all white with ribbons. And it was so incredibly soft. I found that the Caron Simply Soft splits a lot as you work with it, but it's so soft that I didn't mind at all.
  5. I like Bernat or Caron myself. They are not very expensive and are a lot softer than Red Heart SS and come in a large variety of colors.
  6. They look so comfy and cozy. I wish it got cold enough here to use one! (Not in the CAL, but just wanted to express my snuggy envy!)
  7. The lumberjack ghan I made for my truck driver friend came out great and it didn't really take very long either. He has called me up 4 times since I gave it to him to thank me for it and to tell me how amazing it is. Any other guys I know who want a blanket will definitely be getting this pattern done up in whatever colors they like. It's a winner for sure. I didn't even get bored with it, which I was afraid of since it's all DC.
  8. I got mine finished last week. I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, and I just gave it away to the friend I made it for. Oh well. Here's the last picture of it I took. I did end up adding one more strip to it and of course I connected the strips and wove in the ends.
  9. I am in Riverview which is Southeastern Hillsborough County. Born in Tampa =)
  10. Yay LeaAnne! It looks awesome! I am still chugging away at mine in super slow motion now that I put off my deadline till April! I am such a terrible procrastinator. But I do have 3 strips done, which I believe will be to be my halfway point =)
  11. I did not meet my deadline. I am stuck at 2 & 2/3 finished strips. I had to take a break because of wrist pain and now I have to wait until Wal-Mart gets more of my green yarn in. At least it will definitely be ready for him before next winter =) I can always give it to him for his birthday which is in April =)
  12. Hard to get the dark colors to show up well with my poor lighting, but here's my first 2 strips.
  13. Thanks! That helps answer my other question...1 or 2 strands to join =) The last blanket I made was a baby blanket that had 140 squares to join. I had never joined squares before and ended up whip stitching them. I swore, never again! By the time I finished that thing I was hating my tapestry needle with a passion. There were like 1000 ends to weave in as well.
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