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  1. http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/search#view=captioned_thumbs&craft=crochet&page=1&sort=best&query=dog%20bone%20mat several on Ravelry...just do a dog bone mat search...not free though
  2. Murray is my daughters senior rescue Labradoodle. This is his first Christams in his forever home. I had to make a little Murray for her tree. I hope she likes it.
  3. I named it that because I switched colors without paying attention to row count. This is my first c2c and once I got the hang of it, I loved making it.
  4. I also love the sc, dc stitch and have made several blankets with it. It is a really nice texture and you don't have to worry about little fingers and toes poking through
  5. How wonderful! I love the animals made with the African flowers! They look so hard to me. Your bear is fantastic!!!!
  6. Bright and cheerful....Project Linus is such a good cause
  7. Glad my grandson doesn't see this...I would be forced to make one..lol. This is fantastic work!!!!!
  8. Looks good...I haven't had nerve enough to try a graph
  9. Perfect! Thank you so much
  10. magicfan


    Oh he is just perfect!!!!!! Love him
  11. does anyone know of a good tutorial or pattern to make hands with thumb and fingers?
  12. the hat looks rectangular to me..sewn together and a strap added
  13. I love it...perfect for a Project Linus blanket
  14. Question: I have looked at the voting and the dolls are really not as the event says...there are all kinds of dolls being voted on...did I misunderstand??
  15. That is beautiful and so BIG!!!!
  16. magicfan

    One more owl

    Actually, I do love green and this owl is adorable
  17. That is breathtaking........what a keepsake
  18. I don't have a pattern. The blanket is just a basic granny square and I just made the rest up.
  19. Thank you...I assume you want to know about the blanket yarn? I got it at Michael's. It is Craftsmart and the color is Fiesta.
  20. Another for my favorite charity..Project Linus
  21. This is my first lovey. I am sending it to Project Linus. These work up so easily. I can't wait to make another
  22. magicfan

    Smurf Hat

    Really really cute!!!!!!
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