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  1. I definitely think you can do it! Amis are just crocheting sc in the round. So if you're able to do that and you know how to increase and decrease, then you're mostly set! The only part left then would be to sew all the parts together, so just be sure to leave a tail long enough to sew the body parts on. With amis, I think the way it can come out cute is just all about the placements of the parts and the face!
  2. Here's a cuddly brown bunny for you guys to make! He has a white pom pom for his tail and a tasty carrot snack. You can download the pattern here: Patches - The Carrot Loving Bunny You can also queue it on ravelry ^^
  3. thanks for all the comments guys! I'm excited to see how everybody's chicks turn out ^^
  4. I like to create Eggy and all friends ^^. He is an original pattern. I like to hang him on my rearview car mirror. I've made many versions because I have a customer who is crazy about birds and he wanted me to make all the colors of the rainbow! I've posted the pattern in Original Patterns - Links section at crochetville for anyone interested in making Eggy ^^
  5. I wanted to share my first pattern with you guys. I introduce to you, Eggy - the cute chick! You can find the free pattern at my here: http://www.ravelry.com/dls/ami-amour-designs/31692?filename=AmiAmourEGGY.pdf Eggies_medium.jpg
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