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    Amber Siasoco
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    I am a social worker, have been married 2 yrs, and have 2 cats.
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    St. Joseph, Missouri
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    crochet, reading, baking, gardening
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    social worker
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    Since 2000
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    baby items, wearables
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  1. galalto

    4 Bags Full

    Hello everyone! I was cleaning/organizing my office/craft room, and I now have 4 garbage bags of yarn that I am getting rid of. It is mostly acrylic. Any suggestions of what I should do with it? There are full skeins, some halfs, many colors, many thicknesses. Thank you for all your help!
  2. galalto

    Dual-pocket Handphone Pouch

    That is so cool. I want one so badly. You did an awesome job!!!! Will you please, please, please, share the pattern?
  3. galalto

    Hello from Missouri!

    Welcome to the Ville from northwest Missouri, as well:yay
  4. galalto

    Anyone have a Myspace profile?

    I have one! Mine is http://www.myspace.com/galalto! It really isn't related to crochet, but I would love for yall to stop by!
  5. galalto

    You were new once, too. <3

    Welcome! You are going to enjoy it here. Everyone is very helpful and supportive. Anytime you need some help or an opinion, or just to talk, post something or send an PM! Again, Welcome!!!!:2hug
  6. galalto

    Crocheted Icelandic style cardigan?

    Hi! I have a book at home that has a pattern similar to that. I don't think it has pockets, but they could be easily added. I will have to dig out the book and let you know the title.
  7. galalto

    Hello from Missouri

    Welcome! I am from Saint Joseph, Mo Northwest part of the state. So glad you joined!
  8. Hello! I have been a member for a while, but was forced to go on an unplanned break for a while. I have been crocheting for about 7 years, give or take, and love to make baby items. I live in Missouri with my husband and two cats. I am so glad to be back!
  9. galalto

    Yet Another Newbie

    Welcome! You will really like it here!
  10. galalto

    My very first ever own designed Sheep!!!!

    that is sooooooooo cute! I love it!
  11. galalto

    Good morning, yarn geeks!

    Welcome! I think you are gong to fit right in! You are hilarious!
  12. galalto

    Menswear That Makes Men Swear

    I love this blog. I read it all the time. Her stuff makes me laugh outloud
  13. galalto

    Hello From Brandon (tampa) Florida

    Welcome from Saint Joseph, Missouri. So happy to have you!
  14. galalto

    Hej from Sweden

    Welcome from Saint Joseph, Missouri! You will love it here.
  15. Thanks for posting, I am glad you got them. I hope they work. I keep praying for you all.