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  1. I finally checked my email earlier this evening and there it was...my invite to Ravelry...from two days ago. :cheer Now I'm off to explore but I'll be back. After all, this is home. Oh, my name on there is Mom2PBJ. If I could change my name in here without losing everything I have, I would. Because I'm not a Gypsy anymore but still a Lady. Update: Oh look...I was able to change my name!
  2. But...but...but why????????????? It's sooooooo much fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuun.
  3. Ummm...you forgot Dallas Cowboys and Houston Texans.
  4. Here in Houston the late great Marvin Zindler (RIP) wore white all the time and stayed clean. He got in and out of his car many, many times a day. When the TV station did a look back the week after he died that was brought up and a camera had followed him around one day and he really did stay clean...no changing during the day. He even invited cameras inside his huge closet. All white suits.
  5. How come I can never find a deal like that? Are the yarn goddess' against me or what?
  6. My brother-in-law and sister-in-law moved there earlier this year. I had never heard of it before then.
  7. A few nights ago I got out my Big Hook Crochet book and looked through there and got some ideas. I suppose I should get started since I'm a slow crocheter. Slow as in when I have to put it down, it might be a few days before I pick it back up again. I do believe that I am going to make some lapghans for my oldest daughter and granddaughters and probably a hat and a sock-attempt for my youngest daughter, who is almost 13. My son is stationed in Afghanistan so I'm not sure about him, although he will be there during the holidays, including his 20th birthday, and he said it should be cold. Maybe if I can get motivated I can do an afghan for my dad and step-mom.
  8. Yoo Hoo!!!!! Over here!!! If your ex doesn't appreciate that gift it can be sent my way. I would love to get a box like that. I would be on for a long time.
  9. Houston/Clear Lake area. Go 'Stros!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. You mean there is such a thing as being organized??? Well sign me up because I'm all for it.
  11. This is how I do it, too. When the pattern reads something like rows 7-15 repeat rows 3 & 4, or Row 8 repeat row 3 five times I write it out like this: Row 7: 3 4 Row 8: 3 4 etc. I cross off each number as I do it. Row 8: 11111 (crossing off each 1 as I complete it). Cornfused? Works for me anyway.
  12. I collect teapots and I would just love to have this. Can the pattern be shared?
  13. Yippee!!! I'm there!!! I'm somebody!!!
  14. Pooh...your map won't keep my pin. I put it in three times and it's still not there, unless it takes a while. And it appears I was the only one from Texas, too.
  15. Hi Vickie. I would love to help make hats for charity. I, too, live in the Houston area (Clear Lake area) and I would like to get together with others as it might keep me movitated to keep on hooking! If you're still giving out the pattern, I would love to have it. Thanks. mom_2_pbj@yahoo.com
  16. I did the Homespun Waterfall afghan and for some reason one skein of yarn finished quicker than the other. Happened on all three sets (of two) that it took to finish. They all started out the same size, just didn't finish up thataway. P.S. What does PIG stand for? I saw that in another post along with WIPs, which I know that one.
  17. I have almost completed the Homespun Waterfall Afghan for my SIL. Since we've had three babies born this year (2 nieces and 1 nephew) I plan on making each one a heart-shaped crib pillow. I made one for my granddaughter (who is almost 2 years old now) right after she was born and now I want to make these three as they were simple and quick to do.
  18. ...I found 10 inch thread doilies for $1.00??? They looked good and all but $1.00???
  19. Unless I just overlooked them I couldn't find any sweater patterns.
  20. Mom2PBJ


    Oh Thank you Sammimag. That was most helpful. I'll be going back to it soon, I'm sure.
  21. Mom2PBJ


    Why thank you, Boogs.
  22. I'm doing a drawstring purse. My pattern calls for ch3 to begin the next round and I put my stitch marker in the top of the ch3 because the next round ends with sl st in top of ch3. (Sl st in top of ch3, ch3...). I still get confused, though.
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    What is this? I've been seeing the name on boards but haven't seen it until I just viewed a sweater that had it in the sweater name. Is is a special stitch?
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