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  1. This worked up so fast and it's so warm and snuggly. It's on the Lion Brand website.
  2. I love Ravelry. I found my crochet/knit group on there and we meet very close to home. Usually other groups I have found are across town from me and I have no desire to drive that far on a weeknight. I have made some wonderful ladies on there that I can call friends...one even teaches at the high school my son went to. If I need help on something, there is always someone that can help me. There is even a Crochetville group on there. Why not sign up, have a look around and see if you like it or not? There are groups for different professions (attorneys), animal lovers (cats and dogs, dachshunds). If you like debates, there are some of those groups, too. Although a lot of groups are mostly for knitters but hey, you will find crochet groups. Give it a whirl.
  3. Mom2PBJ

    the Q hook?

    I just love my Q hook. It took me a year to get it out of the plastic wrap after I bought it because I just felt intimidated by it. Then one day I just ripped that sucker open and been hooking with it ever since. I use it with 2 strands of the Lion Brand Homespun. Quick, easy, warm.
  4. I had two of those when I was little - one at home and one at Grandma's.
  5. Ooh I love these! I have a triangle shawl on the hook right now but I'm also going to be some simple one skein projects for the holidays such as scarves and hats. And I'm going to try my hand, er hook, at slipper socks.
  6. It's definitely not me. I started a triangle shawl Labor Day weekend 2007 and I'm not even halfway finished with it. I guess I get the Slowest Crocheter title. Would the award statue be a turtle or a snail?
  7. Well alrighty then...I had better get to shopping for it then before it's all sold out everywhere by everybody making these.
  8. I am so in. I saw it the crochet today magazine and knew right away I had to do a couple. Is Delft blue the only blue that can be used? I know they want uniformity but what if I can't find it?
  9. Very nice. I have a 13 year old daughter who is learning to crochet. She would probably like to make something for her kitty, who is also named Lily. She's almost 11 months old. But that size bed would probably work for our 19 month old puppy, who is a doxieshire named Louie.
  10. SIGH Just something else to keep me from doing what I really need to be doing, like laundry, vaccuming, dusting. But hey, this is important stuff to know, right?
  11. I recall a while back going to a site that would let you put in the colors you were thinking about to see if they went well together. Does anybody remember this? I no longer have the name of it as it was done on a computer that long since went to electronic heaven.
  12. Gosh Krystal, are you available for hire to help others get their yarn organized?
  13. Just my luck...it is 11:22 p.m., Sunday, Feb. 3rd (my time) but Annie's Attic already has the pattern for Monday, Feb. 4th up. Although the baby booties are cute, I wanted to see Sunday's pattern. Oh well, such is life...
  14. Get organized? You can actually do that? I did not know that. I'll have to check into this "get organized" thing. The things I learn on this site.
  15. Since I'm not good at starting an afghan without a pattern, I would like to try the sc, chain 1, sc, but how big does the starting chain need to be? Does it need to be divisible by 4 or something like that? I plan on using 2 strands with my Q hook. And I needed it like yesterday. Thanks.
  16. So did your LYS get them, and what was the cost? Michael's has them for $8.00, which is still a bit much, but I used the half-off coupon in October and decided to get one for $4.00. Haven't used it yet because all they had left in stock were F, and two other sizes I can't remember. I got the F because I knew I wouldn't use the other two sizes but I haven't had a pattern for the F yet, either. Of course now they're fully stocked.
  17. http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/20780105/ This article is about young MEN aiming to teach women in Third World countries the craft. Go have a read. It's wonderful.
  18. This reminds me of that movie, and the name escapes me, with Marc Singer playing a blind man (who drives!) and his best friend tells him that he has his left sock on his right foot. So he switches it. And he asks someone else later if he has his socks on the right feet (left sock on the left foot, right sock on the right foot) and that person tells him there's no such thing as a left or right sock. Unless the socks have the toes in them.
  19. Oh didn't you know we skipped 2007? Yeppers, went from 2006 straight to 2008. Well, it seems thataway anyway.
  20. Hey all...well this year I'm doing hats and scarves for my 12year old DD and 8 & 9 year old niece and nephew. For the 1 year old and 6 month old nieces, I'm not sure. My 2 year old and 6 month old granddaughters - don't know about that either. I am going to make a couple of hats for my 20 year old son who is currently in Iraq but is going to Afghanistan in December and it gets cold there. As for my 22 year old daughter (mom to my wonderful granddaughters ), not sure either. <<<SIGH>>> Is it supposed to be this hard to come up with gifts???
  21. But after the two months and you get to crochet again, do you think he will want to smoke again?
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