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  1. Yes, we had the doilies and my grandmother had afghans on her couch. I have two of them. She had made the most beautiful lace tablecloth for her big table that sat 10. I wish I had that but I have no idea what happened to it.
  2. I've seen a lot of rug yarn at Hobby Lobby. But as far as patterns, no, haven't seen those. I always thought the rug yarn was for doing latch hook.
  3. I got that same thing about six weeks ago but I haven't tried it yet. Maybe after I get my holiday hooking done I'll give it a go.
  4. Hi from one Texas Lady to another. Welcome to the 'Ville.
  5. I prefer to pre-thread the beads. I especially find it easier if the different color beads go in a certain order. Sure it takes time to sort, count and thread, but in the long run it's faster once I start the project.
  6. Hmmm...I just made this hat last night but I found it on another site (a blog, actually) and the lady said that this is her own personal design. The date of the pattern listing on her blog is 5 years after the date of Pat's listed above. Coincidence? http://vallieskids.blogspot.com/2009/06/olivias-butterfly.html
  7. I first saw the Red Heart pound of yarn in Walmart during the summer but I haven't tried it yet. I do want to, though.
  8. Hi Aimee. I sent you an email. Welcome.
  9. You bet I will join you. I have been wanting to try socks for a long time. I think, though, I would prefer toe-up.
  10. Ha. My DH has the same problem. He's 35 and loves to play shuffleboard. The tabletop kind, not the big one on the ground such as on the cruise ships. He gets teased about playing an old man's game; then he says he plays table shuffleboard.
  11. I like that bag. I'm doing a tote bag with Caron's One Pound of yarn. It feels like it's going to be very sturdy without being stretchy. Hope this helps you out a bit.
  12. Usually one uses the the UFO's that have no hope of becomind FO's, or stuff that's worn out, like scarves and whatnot. Ummm...not that I would know personally, I've heard it whispered in the wind.
  13. Oh it's fun alright...I mean, so I've heard. We have that here where I'm at...allegedly (there have been whispers). There's even a group of gangsta knittas that tag internationally as well as in and around their home state. But I certainly would never do that...nosireebob...hooligans
  14. How does one get to be a hopeful recipient of these wonderful bags?
  15. I was given a full set of the Denise needles but I have no idea how to connect them.
  16. But but but, they make great afghans. I've made two using homespun. I like it.
  17. I don't even have an AC Moore, unless it's a very well kept secret.
  18. Debbie Stoller has an alien scarf pattern like that in her SnB book.
  19. The badge-a-minute is what I have. Now I feel like I want to get it out, go to Michael's to get pinbacks and stuff, and make some.
  20. Thank you, thank you, thank you.
  21. I used to do those years ago. When my oldest was in dance I did one that had a plain white background that read, in black print, "I 'red heart' Tap, Ballet and All That Jazz". Those sold really well. The girls got them and put them on their dance bags. Made it easier to see our girls in the crowds at competitions. I still have the press but I haven't done any in a long time. Good luck with your business. I had fun with it. Have you thought about using magnets along with pins?
  22. So this past Sunday (2/08) I did my first cast-on of 10. I've been practicing with those 10 a few rows a day and I have about 12 rows now (I'm still slow and only do it on the bus to and from work) and I've realized that it's the right width for my iPod Nano (and the yarn matches it, too!) so I figure that I would just keep practicing until it's the right length. Now my problem is I don't know how to bind off. Any suggestions on where to look for this? Thanks.
  23. Thank you. The color is actually called Waterfall. It's Lion Brand Homespun.
  24. I made this back in March 2005 right after my first granddaughter was born. It still looks good almost four years and another granddaughter later. The pattern can be found here.
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