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    I'm happily engaged to my wonderful fiance. We are expecting our first baby, Noah Kael in December!
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    Crochet, Friendship Bracelets, Graphic design.
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    Afghans, Thread Projects, Amigurumi, and anything cute!
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    January 2010
  1. I'm making this now and I already love it!
  2. crochet_panda


    The other day during my daily crochet pattern search, I stumbled upon a site that had graphs for yo-yo afghans, and stupidly I didn't bookmark the page! Does anyone know where I can find some graphs? And can I use any graph with yo-yos or does it have to be hexagonal? Thanks!
  3. Thanks. I just feel awkward holding the hook in my left hand, lol.
  4. I watched the video by Carol Ventura, but I can't crochet left-handed to save my life, can I just turn and continue crocheting with the back side facing me?
  5. That's freaking cute! I wish I could do something like that!
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