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    Crochet, cross stitch, spinning, crochet, sewing, quilting, reading and writing.
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  1. After making the same thing and it's variations several times, one gets a feel for how it goes together. Then one can start one's own variations to it and eventually something original comes out of it. I rarely do the math and just try a pattern of stitches out to see if they work. Learning to fundge a little when things don't quite fit together is a useful skill, too. It doesn't have to be perfect especially the first time around. Making it up on the fly is a skill just like mastering a specific stitch or stitch pattern.
  2. The scarves changed from movie to movie, so just pick the one you like and make them all according to that pattern.
  3. Depends on the pattern. Generally it will tell you if you should only go through the front or back loop. If there are no instructions, then go through both loops.
  4. Chain3turn

    Toe Socks

    Socks are nothing but a tube with a heel added. So, use this pattern and start with a tube that doesn't include the toe of the sock. Then crochet five tubes that fit your toes and attach to the larger tube that makes up the body of the sock. Play around with it and you'll be able to figure out how to make them.
  5. Wool doesn't burn very easy and it absorbs a lot of heat. Cotton doesn't burn easily either and is pretty good at absorbing as long as it's two layers or tightly crocheted. My favorite potholder pattern is the origami one.
  6. Chain3turn

    Crocheting quilt

    What did you see on the other side? It could be a lined afghan, with fabric sewn on the back. Or it could be two afghans stitched together.
  7. In my opinion, there is never a baby blanket that is too big. (Unless of course one is going to carry the analogy to the extreme, and yes, a full size afghan is too big for a baby blanket.) So, yes, if you like the size after nine rounds, quit then. If you want to make a blanket that is a bit larger and can be used a little while longer, then go ten rounds. In another location on her site, Bev says that a preemie blanket can be anywhere from 18-28 inches. I've seen preemie blankets requested as small as 12 inches and as large as 36. Size really doesn't matter!
  8. It looks like it's the same as a double base chain stitch The back look is a bit larger than the rest, but that makes it easier to do the next row for regular crocheting, and might provide a good grounding row for sewing on to your purse.
  9. Most certainlynot. I think it would be more rude to fall asleep. If you're worried about distracting others, sit in the back. Remember you are there for your own enrichment which you can't get if you're asleep. If others have a problem with it, they can sit somewhere else--just as they would if a church member could be counted on to start snoring during the sermon.
  10. I never use a separate skein of yarn. I just chain till it's about the length I want, add a few more chains and begin my pattern. The unused portion of the chain is easily frogged back after a few rows are finished.
  11. Try a chain 2 (assuming you're using dc) instead of a chain 3 at the beginning of each round. Unfortunately, the seam line is a hazard of working in rounds. Sometimes in can be hidden inside a stitch pattern, but often it's just there. Working in a spiral is a good remedy....
  12. Here's some information on Tapestry Crochet.
  13. Here's a site that gives some good directions for Tapestry Crochet.
  14. Sc at the top of the peak. On the way down in to the valley, do a hdc, a dc and a tc if necessary at the base of the valley. Then reverse the order going up to the next mountain top. That will pretty much even it out, but if you're still not happy with it, do a row of sc or hdc.
  15. There are several great instruction sites on line. I'd save my money for more yarn! Crochet Lessons Crochet Stitches Crochet Basics Crochet Tutorial Crochet Stitches (videos) Granny Square Tutorial Granny Square Granny Square Granny Square Granny Square 12 inch Squares 8 inch Squares 7 inch Squares 6 inch Squares
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