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  1. I also have eyesight issues, which is why I prefer to have a light coloured background and dark fonts on my blog.
  2. I like reading blogs and looking at photo albums, so for me, I really like it.
  3. pixie56

    'The knit stitch'

    Just from reading what is quoted, the link doesn't work, it seems like you're making an elongated sc , a sort of spike st, working the sc between the st's mentioned. HTH.
  4. I've kept my blog updated, please come by and visit, thanks!
  5. One of the "victims" in a CSI Miami episode was wearing a crocheted hooded overall (or at least, I swear it looked like it!)
  6. If anyone watches "Criminal Minds", USA TV series, you may recall the character Penelope García, the computer geek,well, she also knits (OK, so it's not crochet, but close enough!)
  7. LOL:::so true! For this reason I prefer to write out the whole title or words. so much can get lost in "translation"!
  8. I've never used a dishcloth, they're too limp. I use a green scratchy square for washing my dishes, and a sponge for glass ware. period.
  9. Well, living in Puebla, Mexico, doesn't offer much in variety of yarns and accessories, so I have to make-do with what is available. I love to crochet doilies with thread, and I don't like doilies made with bulky yarns, just because it's quicker. I also like to use colour in doilies, but again, not much available here. (that's the shops' fault for not offering enough variety) I knot wherever needed, I have no idea how to do it any other way. I like motifs, whether grannies or otherwise, but don't like having to sew them together. wish I could buy and use wool, alpaca, etc. yarns, but it's too hot to use them, and anyways, they're way too expensive. Acrylics have their use, just depends on the quality. I much prefer symbols to written-out patterns, so much more practical and you see what it looks like at a glance. (and not losing your place in the sentence.) I think email, PDF's are a wonderful way to speed up delivery on patterns, and saves a ton on paper. (and trees) I do NOT like the Susan Bates quicksilver crochet hooks I once bought, they're nasty and I don't use them. ugh.
  10. Look at it this way: PDF's save a lot on paper and pollution. You can download it anywhere in the world, less danger of not having something arrive through the mail after you've paid a small fortune, less clutter, etc.
  11. I'm 53, and learned to crochet when I was 13 at school, but just the basic stitches. I taught myself to do everything else, from books and magazines. I've crocheted just about everything, but I espcially like to make doilies. I also taught myself to knit many years ago, but I'm too slow so I don't do it anymore. I also like to cross stitch, and also know many other embroidery stitches. I have taught my daughter to cross stitch.
  12. lovely doily! I normally don't go for butterflies, but this is simple and so pretty! well done
  13. Thank you everyone for your kind comments! I have 2 piles of those magazines, dating from the 70's and 80's, and although I have made many from them, I still want to make more...
  14. Thank you! will look into the yarn soon, the purse looks so pretty, thanks for the pattern!
  15. Thanks everyone! I hadn't realized I haven't posted much, hopefully I'll be around more often. But, you can always read my blog.(in my signature, below).
  16. Here's a doily I just finished blocking, although I had finished it months ago. Made with Omega #20 white crochet thread. I got the pattern from one of my PuntoRama magazines, from the 1980's (spanish edition of Magic Crochet).
  17. Hi! I just downloaded your pattern, and would like to ask: what weight are the skeins used, and the hook in mm, please? I'd like to try this pattern, thanks!
  18. here's my blog: http://wwwpixie56.blogspot.com
  19. Thanks for the warm welcome!
  20. I learned the basic stitches at school, chain, sc, dc , but everything else I taught myself, from magazines (mostly) my mum loved to buy back then, in the 70's, and books. I prefer diagrammes, or graph, type, I get too lost reading those words-only patterns!
  21. I just joined recently, althlugh I had heard of this BB before. My name is Ana Luisa, married, 1 DD (adult), 2 cats and a dog. I've been crocheting since I learned at school when I was 13, and have been ever since, with ups and downs now and then. You can see what I've been doing on my blog: http://wwwpixie56.blogspot.com Thanks!
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