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  1. soooo pretty, and made beautifully
  2. Hi there, well I have just returned to your site after a long time. Different events in my life have kept me away but at last I'm back. Look forward to chatting with old and new mates Take care Julie xx
  3. cherish

    Larger sizes

    Being a larger woman I never seem to be able to find modern patterns to crochet. I like a longer shaped bolero or a long cardigan anyone know of any free patterns out there?
  4. Hi everyone, I been away for a while but i'm back now. Hope everyone has been ok since I've been away. I have had a few problems but they are on the mend now and I just want to say It's great to be back cherish xxxx:cheer
  5. Oh thats wicked, I shall have to try and do one of these sheep because as I live in Wales peeps take the mickey out of us with all the sheep here lol:(
  6. A big thankyou to the person that gifted me with a box of twinkies they were amazing:D my partner has now hidden them from me and is rationing them out to me. Thankyou so much for your kindness god bless you xx
  7. Love it I say no fringe also. The colours blend great:cheer
  8. They are beautiful, I would love the pattern cherish x
  9. I had a wonderful surprise in the post this morning. It was a hand made crochet hook holder plus 2 crochet hooks, I was so moved that someone had made the time and effort to make this that I was in tears. I have been so down lately as my mum in law is very ill in hospital this cheered me up. I would like to thank the thoughtful person from the bottom of my heart for the kindness of this gift, it is beautiful and will be greatly treasured. God bless you I will be posting the picture later today. Julie (Cherish) __________________
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