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  1. Beautiful ripple! I love the colors. I also love the puppy dog and monkey fleece throws on the back of your sofa! Did you make those? It gave me an idea to make something like that for my doggies to lay on, to try and keep my sofa clean.
  2. I LOVE Halloween and these colors are gorgeous together! Very nice!
  3. All I have left to do are the flowers. This is one more Christmas present done! Yay!
  4. I am working on this for my DS's christmas present. I am almost halfway finished. I have pledged on our We Love Lucy Ravelry group to have this done by the end of September. I can do it!:clap I hope:think:think Off to:hook:hook:hook Have a great Labor Day!
  5. Here is another Attic 24 bag in progress. I am in love with these colors together!
  6. Thank you all. I dont think I want to tackle another black bag for a very very long time. It is so hard to see! I have to go back to working on my colorful hexagon blanket now. lol
  7. After a lot of work and boring colors, it’s finally finished! A co-worker of mine graduated from Vanderbilt University in Nashville, Tennessee. After seeing my first Attic 24 bag she suggested I try to do a bag with a collegiate theme, so I started to draw up a pattern…… Then I started the bag with Lucy’s pattern. Some parts of the bag didnt turn out exactly like I had hoped, but I am pretty happy with it. I used VC yarn in black and gold. I did 14 increase rows and I used a “G” hook, but for some reason this bag turned out to be quite huge, which turned out to be a good thing as the lady I made it for is going to use it as her gym bag.
  8. I bought this Lilys Sugar N Cream Twists because I love the colors. I had no idea what I was going to make with it until my daughter asked me for a Blackberry case. I practiced one for myself and now I am working on one a wee bit wider to fit her blackberry.
  9. Those are GORGEOUS! Love love love the colors!
  10. I love the way Hobbyzu's hat turned out. Mine doesnt seem to be as nice looking, especially the bill of the hat. Mine looks a lot shorter than hers. I like the pattern a lot, but I think I might tweak it a bit on the next one so that it's a little bit longer to cover the top of my ears and make the bill longer.
  11. Cute, cute, cute! Thanks for posting the pattern.
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