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    More Fat Bottoms

    Hi - I've only made one, but I think these are pretty easy to make once you start.. I not a beginner, but not intermediate either but if I can do anyone can.. I was most confused by the fact that the bag is worked from (side to side) because when I started I had the idea that I was working from the handles part going down to the bottom of the bag, but when you look at the beginning of the pattern, just remember the handles are the LAST part of the pattern. Oh, and in my opinion it is better to line the bag before you put the handles on... There is a great tutorial for how to line the bag at this link,thanks to someone very generous with her wonderful knowledge... Soo good luck and have fun with your FBB..... http://crochetkel.blogspot.com/2006/10/sew-you-wanna-line-your-fat-bottom-bag.html
  2. Peyton68

    My first Socks

    Those look so warm and toasty.. I haven't tried socks yet, but maybe one day I'll get brave enough to do some... Yours are fantastic..
  3. Peyton68

    My Amigurumi Birds (3 images)

    Those are adorable, and that nest is just icing on the tree branch.. Love it!! Beautiful work...
  4. Peyton68

    Yippie!!!!! I DID IT!!!!

    WOW, those are really gorgeous.. I've only done a couple of things with size 3 thread.. I don't think I could ever do it in smaller thread... Your work here is beautiful.. Keep going...
  5. Peyton68

    crochet bolero question

    and to the C'ville...
  6. Peyton68

    Hello From Germany :-)

    Howdy from Texas... to C'ville..
  7. Peyton68

    Hi from Arkansas

    Hey Darcee, to the ville neighbor... Texas here...
  8. Peyton68

    Hi Everybody...

    Howdy and to C'ville ... Have fun!!
  9. Peyton68

    Newbie from NC

    Howdy and from C'ville and Texas...
  10. Peyton68

    Hi from Canada!! (Crochet n00b. ^.^ )

    Howdy and from C'ville and Texas... Come on in pull up a chair, get your yarns, hooks, and fingers ready for lots of fun...
  11. Peyton68

    SnB:HH Fat Bottom Bag CAL

    Thanks Betty.. The handles are Soft, and don't hurt the arm when carrying the purse... Cheap way to solve a problem since I didn't have any handles. Thanks again, you kinda inspired me to keep going when you told me that I should join the FBB CAL...
  12. Peyton68

    SnB:HH Fat Bottom Bag CAL

    Thank you Elizabeth, I'm glad you like my idea, it was a CHEAP solution but it works... :hugThis was a fun project and CAL..
  13. Peyton68

    SnB:HH Fat Bottom Bag CAL

    So...... here's my FBB... I did something different for handles since I didn't have the plastic ones and didn't have the funds to purchase them. I created my own handles from strips cut from the same lining fabric and then sewed and stuffed them with fiberfill.. I also used a pin instead of a flower to decorate it..I got the handles a wee bit to long, but decided they looked okay for a first timer. and the lining
  14. Peyton68

    Scrap Afghan CAL

    I agree with you Debbi on the red, white, and blue being a gorgeous afghan.. I put the red/white/blue colors together in my SUB someplace, and said 'WOW' now this would make a beautiful blanket.. Also another color combination of pale mint green, medium torquoise and and off white/soft white color together is beautiful.. It would make a lovely baby afghan.. This has been a great learning experiment with color, so I'm glad I joined this CAL for that reason alone...
  15. Peyton68

    Scrap Afghan CAL

    Thanks Doula4u , for the lovely compliment on my 3SUB.. I work mostly on mine during evening hours while watching tv, plus I'm pretty much a night owl, so between the computer and working around the house I get a few inches worked in...I'm really ready to have this one finished, and as Debbi said it is a great way to learn the way colors mix and blend together. I will know from this experience what NOT to blend together to get a pretty effect.. The red and bright yellow looks pretty yucky in mine, too, but at least I see what colors do look nice together. I'm eager to see y'alls beautiful blankets, so please do post a piccy if you have one, or when you get your SUB finished... Thanks again - Peyton