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  1. I'd like to try to make a turtleback sweater. I've decided on the stitch and the finished size. I've seen several patterns out there that use a larger hook for the first few and the last few inches, and I've seen patterns that use one size throughout. I'm wondering if anyone has done one of these and has found one way to be better than the other. I'm assuming it affects draping. Any help would be appreciated.
  2. Thanks for the kind encouragement! I hope the second time is more successful.
  3. I've been working on a beautiful bag, but all along it just hasn't looked right to me. I kept going hoping it would start to come together but sadly it's just not right. I'm about 2/3 done, and I'm about to frog a project for the first time! It's heartbreaking, but I know I won't be happy with the bag if I just go ahead and finish it. So, I'm taking a picture then frogging so I can try it again. I just need a little encouragement!
  4. I am working on the Sunflowers Satchel from this ravelry pattern: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/sunflowers-satchel It's a beautiful pattern, but I can't figure out how to attach the motifs together. All the pattern says is to slip stitch the motifs together in the last round as you go. At first I thought it meant to make the motifs then slip stitch them together, but that would show the strand of yarn used to stitch them together. So now I'm slip stitching one motif to the next as I reach the center point of each outer chain. For example, if it says chain 7, I chain 4, then slip stitch to the completed motif in the correct place, then chain 3. But it still doesn't look right. I contacted the designer but haven't heard back yet. If anyone hase done this pattern I could desperately use your help!
  5. 29. I originally learned single crochet when I was young but just recently picked it up again and have been learning all the stitches.
  6. You could design your pattern so that you do a crochet in just the front or back loop instead of both. It would give you the raised edge. It would just take some time figuring out how many regular stitches to each single loop stitch in order to get a diamond pattern.
  7. Beautiful! Does this use a special stitch? I like the texture of the bag. I also love the pattern the yarn made.
  8. I've been trying for a long time to find this stitch! Thank you!
  9. Beautiful. I'm going to have to try something with this stitch pattern.
  10. Congrats on figuring it out and on the fast work!
  11. I'm working on an afghan made of squares, and I'm wondering how you prefer to join squares. I'm looking for a method that won't show (or at least won't be obvious) between squares of different colors.
  12. I am pretty new to crochet, but I've got so many projects I want to make. I was looking at the bubble square afghan on epatterns and I want to make a similar one for mother's day, but I'm trying to save money. So I sat down today and figured out the pattern! I'm just so proud of myself! One square done and a bunch to go!
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