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    Transplanted to GA from sunny brandon florida
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    CROCHET, scrapbooking, internet,,,Love my dachshunds4
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    Ex_tractor-trailer driver. Off the road due to a work injury:(
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    Grannysquares and cotton dishcloths
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    1968 on/off thru the years. From early childhood.
  1. annmcc1976:::: TY:) Maybe one of these days I will get a chance to meet up w/ you & group. I hv a few irons in the fire..namely taking care of my mom. I've ventured out to villa rica..haha great chinese buffet there (linn garden) yuuuuummmm my favorite.
  2. I don't do the 'baby stuff', maybe a rare grannyghan. You did a wonderful job, very pretty. Thanx for the link; I will print for my neighbor...she is very much into baby crochet:)
  3. Hi Everyone:) I've been registered to C'ville 4ever but life happens and just haven't been very active on the site...well til now:hook I'm originally from Luziana aka Louisiana, grew up in the north (not my fault), lived in the bikini state Tampa & now in Hotlanta:eek I'm a medically retired OTR (over the road) driver/trainer. I spent many years chasing that never ending black ribbon. The big rig was my passion:drive. I love crochet and have been crocheting off/on since I was 4 years old. Wow thaz been a long time:blush My last big project was my current profile pix The Christmas Tree Skirt...yep I'm a bit proud of that one. It was my first ever ripple and after a few rippits, I got it in the groove. The base pattern came from Crochet Today magazine. I had to add my style into it though with gold thread, metallic green and finished with velvet ribbons on each point. I put my hooks up after that one!! Now the hooks are comin' out again along with the yarn stash (I could probably open up my own yarn shop) ....did I say I like the little emoticons...lol Be Blessed...angela
  4. Hi everyone:) I am seeking any links/patterns for african themed items and ethnic dolls. I am decorating my bedroom and bathroom in the African theme. Thanks much angela
  5. Thanks everyone for the warm welcomes:) LOL Truckin' Patty...you go girl I put my 14 1/2 yrs out there OTR then got hurt in 05...freaking misloaded trailer put me out of commission (back & knees)...so here I sit; instead of doing pre trips in the morning & getting my go go juice to roll, I start my day out with vicodin & 6 other little white pills they give me. *arrrgggghhhhh* I miss truckin' so baaad...if I could go today, I wouldnt even wait to pack my bags..lol just get my hooks n yarn & stop @ walmart for the rest of it! LOL Be safe angela aka. bayoucritter aka. crybaby (cb handle)
  6. Hello Hope all is well with the group. I haven't been in for quite awhile...dealing with life and recently moved from Tampa to Douglasville Ga. I will never move again...what a nitemare:eek Just trying to get settled in & excited to get crocheting again. I have the urge to try tapestry crochet(hats) I hope to be in C'Ville more often & become a familiar face Take care angela aka.bayoucritter
  7. Thanks everyone for the info/links. I love the ''gaudy'' link. Visuals are good.....For some reason, I just couldn't ''thunk it up in mi mind'' how to do this:think. ahhh premature senility@44!!!! All have a blessed day:) angela
  8. Hi everyone:) Pls HELP!!! Ive searched the net and haven't found any such pattern; Only for the regular 2 slice ones. If anyone knows a link or has pattern to share, I'd sure appreciate it. Also, looking for mammy or golliwog crochet patterns. Thanks much! angela
  9. cool..im searching for the book and dot now! thanks much!
  10. Im desparately in search of patterns for true Jamaican/Rastafarian Hats. I am on a hat whim. My first were a couple of Kufi's & 'bucket hat'. They turned out great:cheer Thanks angela
  11. my brother made a beautiful wooden planter with a cross behind it...put alot of time. effort & care into it....gave it to our dad's nephew whom just happens to be a pastor...... later it came back to our parents that he (the pastor) boasted of putting it in the flea sale for 50cents.... Imagine that...I dont know if my bro knows to this day n if not Im not gonna tell him...I know how hurt he would be.
  12. That is awful...well just keep making the MIL BLACK to go w/ her mood. I dont like to speak of anyones relatives but this just seemed too good to pass up:devil
  13. My heart sank reading this post. People are so thoughtless! Not only in special gifts but seems like in all aspects of life. I was always taught to appreciate what others do for you. Needless to say, I appreciate gifts so much one would think I am a packrat....I keep my gifts 4ever:) My father recently passed away...I called his sister asking her to pls send me any pix so I can make a special dvd for everyone & I would return the pix soon as I got them copied.....she tells me she threw away her photos!! what a......""God pls grant me the patience not to curse her out"""!!!! We have neighbors that mom has sent baked goods and meals to...never a small thanx etc....when my father passed, not a neighbor to be seen yet! It makes ya wanna stay to yo'self and not make an effort...on the other hand, it isn't the christian thang to do.....4give4get move on, I guess. Keep making your beautiful gifts and just give to well deserving recipients:hook
  14. i joined crochetville 4ever ago but life sometimes gets in the way and no time for myself or visiting the site:/ So, thawt I'd come back to croville and reintroduce myself...I live in the sunny (now cold) state of Florida with my mother and 3 dachshunds. Im a medically retired over the road truck driver with lots of hope of being able to go back on the road in the near future. I love to crochet, (dishcloths and grannysquares seem to be my thang), take pictures, scrapbook,,,just to name a few. Things have slowed way down as my dear father passed away on the 23rd. Time just seems to be dragging along. Now Im trying to keep my mind occupied with crochet, the net & whatever else I can find to do along with trying to keep mom and myself in check. Losing a parent is probably the hardest thing Ive ever had to do in my life. So...Im back & will be posting alot @ crochetville:) Y'all take care angela aka.bayoucritter
  15. Im new to C'ville myself. There are alot of wonderful members here. I know you will enjoy your visits. Take Care angela aka.bayoucritter
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