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  1. Its not often I get the chance to make anything for myself but I decided last week I would like a new hat & to challenge myself I thought I'd try a pair of gloves as well. I habe very tiny hands & find it difficult to get gloves to fit so I made them to fit just me. Very pleased at hoe both turned out & they are quite warm especially for early starts
  2. Its been quite a while since I uploaded anything. My twin sister had her second baby in October & while I've been teaching her to crochet I also wanted to do something special for the new arrival. I'd spotted this pattern on lionbrand website years ago but never got round to making it. I thought it was perfect & no one else was likely to have it. She was so pleased with it when she saw it & very proudly tells people it was made by her twin. Hope like it as much as she did
  3. Really nice. Always wanted to try this one never seem to get the time
  4. Have you heard of interchangable circular needles? A lady at a craft fair introduced me to them & I love them. They come with individual tips that screw onto various lengths of cables, smaller sizes for hats or bigger for jumpers, cardigans or afghans. I've been using them for around 7 months now & don't see myself going back to straight needles or double pointed ones
  5. Thanks to everyone for the lovely comments. The first time I made this pattern I made a mistake and made it using popcorn stitches instead of puff stitches. The lettering stood out so well that I never used the puff stitch to do it and always use the popcorn stitch instead; it takes more yarn but the result is worth it in the end
  6. Very pretty, love the colours. Even doing a small baby sized one of these sends me crazy well done for the patience and time it took to do this one
  7. I made these for 2 girls in my work craft club. I wanted them to have the same afghan but try to use different colours in both. 1 is made entirely from the free balls of yarn from my crocheting & knitting magazines the other yarn I had left from previous projects. Both babies are due next month
  8. My friend gave birth to her third child (a little boy) in December and my younger sister her fourth child (a little girl) in January. I was asked to make the christening shawls for both babies which was a great privledge. The plain shawl was for my friend's little boy and the one with the pink ribbons and bows is for my niece. My friend loved her's so much she gave me some lovely flowers to say thank you
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