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  1. Hi guys, Those are my clay creations: A centaur: Pan: Robbery: My favorite : A cawboy India: Help!:
  2. Great jobs.Sipmly amazing!
  3. MarinaLevy

    Pudgy Mouse

    I'm really love the mice.Yours mouse is a good looking one
  4. MarinaLevy

    Cat Ami

    Such nice and very "anime" cat
  5. This is not an ugly duck. this is very goodloocking duck :-)
  6. MarinaLevy

    Cute Mouse

    I'm sorry, what the "GBU" is?
  7. Absolutely georgeous! I also love to make beaded crochet necklaces, but yours is just beautiful!
  8. MarinaLevy

    wire crochet

    It is so beautiful!
  9. MarinaLevy

    Cute Mouse

    Hi everyone, This is my favorite: little cute mouse If you interested, you can find also step-by-step instructions for this mouse. http://www.marinalevy.ucoz.com/forum/4
  10. I prefer diagrams.This way I'm able to understand some unknown languages patterns.
  11. My mom.I was 5 years old.Actually, it is my first hobby and first craft that I ever learn. The beaded crochet I learned by myself, from the master-classes in the Internet.
  12. I'm a right-handed, but my eldest daughter is left-handed,so i have some difficulty to teach her crocheting :-).
  13. The steel 1.0 mm hook is my favorite, but I have many others(for other kinds of yarn)
  14. Hello everyone! My name is Marina and I'm crocheting since I was 5 years old. Actually, it's my first hobby and first craft that I ever learned. That's what started my interest in the handmade crafts. I graduated from art school in Minsk, Belarus, specializing in such folk arts as weaving, pottery, straw weaving and more. I am a mother of two amazing girls (the eldest in a first grade). I love to crochet tiny animals. Recently I was told that it's called Amigurumi and became very popular. I'm really sorry in advance for my English, my native language is Russian. Nice to meet you
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