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  1. MarinaLevy

    Woolly Mammoth

    Just love this little guy!
  2. Nice monkey, just have to hug him :-) How do you make it so furry? I supose, you use this kinf of yarn: http://stat17.privet.ru/lr/093181bb3d246da18bad468b19f9a83e But I just not able to crochet with this yarn, it is better for knitting... So, how do you do this furry monkey?
  3. Yes, such cute lobster nee a smile.How else will he eat?
  4. ouh, such a cute lovely bunny!
  5. I'm sorry, I just got very small pictures.Is there any other pictures?
  6. MarinaLevy

    Wall Owl

    I just love this Owl!Great work!
  7. Recycling :-) very nice and useful
  8. WOW! It is just amazing! How many work hours you spend?
  9. Very colorful.I hope your mom is very happy :-)
  10. MarinaLevy

    my works

    Wow, such a great work!
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