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  1. MarinaLevy

    Hello Kitty

    Nice kitty, great work
  2. MarinaLevy

    Leopold the Lion

    Great lion.I wonder, how did you do his hair?
  3. So cute with those big eyes!
  4. MarinaLevy

    Angry tortoise

    Nice sweater for the pig I'm just joking, cute turtle
  5. MarinaLevy

    St Patty's Bear

    Very Irish bear, very sweet and cute!
  6. Good work for first amigurumi!
  7. MarinaLevy

    Easter Bunny

    Very cute, just adorable! Great pattern.
  8. Oh, I just love the tiny duck!
  9. Great bunny and chick.Very cute.
  10. Pattern Information Pattern Description:little and very easy to make mouse Pattern Style : written and symbol chart.Need to check both of them Skill Level:beginner. Materials needed: thin crochet yarn (two colors) ,needle, hook 1 mm . Optional items : 7 mm google eyes, glue , Fishing wire for whiskers. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed:3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 1.5 hours Deadline:31/03/2010 Tester Experience : I need check also the symbol chart.I'm looking for testers who have experience in reading such charts. Tester Responsibilities I want to get the comments and suggestions on how to improve the pattern and optionally get photos of the completed amigurumi. I'm asking to check the symbol chart and the word description as well.Also, very important, please check my English and typos, errors, etc in the pattern. Any Special Software Requirements: pdf reader. Testers will receive the corrected copy of the pattern Please, PM me if you're interested.
  11. MarinaLevy

    Mario & Luigi

    Adorable! It reminds me my childhood and the "ancient" computer games
  12. Such a cute mouse I love mice :-)
  13. MarinaLevy


    Oh, the great Cthullhu! Actually, he is a real popular "person" in Russian internet culture.
  14. Thank you very much, I will try it soon.
  15. MarinaLevy

    Woolly Mammoth

    Just love this little guy!
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