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  1. It is dedicated not only to crochet (beaded and amigurumi), but also about my life and other stuff. I'm planning to add to ths blog also an online crocheting for my new patterns and amigurumi. I will appreciate your comments levymarina.blogspot.com
  2. Pattern Information Pattern Description:cute little crab Pattern Style : written and symbol chart.Need to check both of them Skill Level:beginner. Materials needed: thin crochet yarn #8 or #10(two colors) ,needle, hook 1 mm . Optional items : 7 mm google eyes, glue. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed:3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 4.5 hours Deadline:07/06/2010(my birthday!) Tester Experience : I need check also the symbol chart.I'm looking for testers who have experience in reading such charts. Tester Responsibilities I want to get the comments and suggestions on how to improve the pattern and get photos of the completed amigurumi. I'm asking to check the symbol chart and the word description as well.Also, very important, please check my English and typos, errors, etc in the pattern. Any Special Software Requirements: pdf reader. Testers will receive the corrected copy of the pattern Please, PM me if you're interested.
  3. I'm sorry, what the "GBU" means?
  4. MarinaLevy

    Rupert the Crab

    Nice to meet you : Rupert the Crab I'm not sure regarding the photos : I think that they are very sketchy graceless,and indelicate.I saw at Etsy site very beautiful pictures of amigurumi, how that do it? Also the dots on the shell looks very indelicate to me. I'm pretty disappointed :-( I would like to get your honest critic. Which of the available images will attract the peaple? Or none of them?
  5. MarinaLevy

    Count Dracula

    Very interesting
  6. Very cute cow. Mo-o-o-o!
  7. Thank to you all for such kind words!
  8. WOW!!! Just amazing!
  9. I'm sorry, wrong forum.Please, delete this message
  10. Wow, just great necklace!
  11. great job! She is looking like spanish dancer
  12. This is a really treasury! Great collection
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