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    Marina Levy
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    Mom to two amazing girls
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    Crochet, beads, reading books
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    Bead crocheted necklaces and amigurumi
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  1. Hi everyone! Please find the required information: Pattern Description: Evil Eye crocheted pillowPattern Style (written, symbol chart, etc.): written and chartsSkill Level: Beginner. You should be familiar with Double and Treble crochet stitches. Yarn/Material/Tools Required (specify which will supplied by designer and which by tester): supplied by tester, crochet thread (I've used double thread by YarnArt, Jeans Plus, 100 g - 160m, 2 balls of brown, 2 balls of white, one ball for blue and one for black), crochet hook math to thread (I've used 6.00 mm hook), zipper and fiberfill. Tester I
  2. My latest project: crochet Earth And short crochet movie What do you think?
  3. MarinaLevy

    Crochet Apples

    Crochet Apples - Circle of life
  4. So cute! I love this Cousin ITT!
  5. My mom.I was 5 years old.Actually, it is my first hobby and first craft that I ever learn. The beaded crochet I learned by myself, from the master-classes in the Internet.
  6. I'm a right-handed, but my eldest daughter is left-handed,so i have some difficulty to teach her crocheting :-).
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