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  1. Our county fair has three entries for crocheted afghans: Ripple, Patterned and Other. Obviously I know what they mean for "Ripple" and "Other" is anything goes, but I've never been able to figure out what to enter for "Patterned." Besides the Ripple I am planning to enter I have a basic shell stitch blanket, and a Granny Square (one giant square, not many stitched together.) I know I can put one of them in the "Other" category, but what do you think they mean by "Patterned?" Thanks so much for any advice!
  2. Maybe you don't find people with their username? I haven't quite figured it out yet either. Search for me: Melissa Fausey
  3. I love seeing how well everyone is doing with their stashbusting! I'm inspired. I know I dropped out back in Feb - we had a few devastating losses within just a few short months, and I took a looooong break from life. I just picked up my crochet hook again a few weeks ago. I probably won't join back up in keeping track of my stash this year, but love seeing the progress everyone else has made!
  4. If you are, I want to follow you! I've found so many cool ideas on there, but would love to see some more crochet and knitting pins. My username is M3l1ss4 - I just got started with it, but it's addicting!
  5. I did NOTHING this week. So I'm still at a standstill. I'm posting my scores now since we'll be away this weekend and won't have internet access...WTD=0 YTD=+17
  6. I made two one skein cowls this week which brings me to: WTD 0 YTD +17
  7. I've been working on another baby blanket this week- it's really slow going. Too many school delays and cancellations so the whole family has been home and I haven't had much "me" time to sit and crochet! But at least I can add +8 to my score.
  8. My son wanted to see me use my cross country skis today, which I haven't been on for 8+ years. So hubby dug them out and I was skiing around the property pretty well, until I came to a bit of a hill. Of course, I wiped out, twisting my wrist in the process...which means no crocheting or knitting for me today. I was hoping to put a little more of a dent in my negative score (i woke up envisioning lots of knitting baby hats in front of the fire...the skiing was definitely not in my plans) So I'm ending the week with: WTD -12/YTD +5
  9. Being snowed in today has really helped me bang out some of this yarn. I finished my round ripple and can add +7 to my score!
  10. I'm slowly crawling out of my hole...+4 today!
  11. I finished up the baby blanket I was working on, so that's +5 I can add to my score. Now I can tackle the box of Bernat Baby and the -30 it gave me! I expect to use up a lot since I'm making a RR with 2 strands held together.
  12. My Herrschner's order arrived today. 15 skeins of Bernat Baby. So I guess I'm starting off the week with -30! Though I did just use up one skein on the blanket I'm currently working on. Hopefully I can get a lot of crocheting done this week!
  13. I'll be away all day, so posting my week end totals now: WTD: +5
  14. Beautiful! It's really a unique pattern- worth the trouble it initially gave you!
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