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    Stay-at-home wife and mom to two boys
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    baby blankets
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  1. Maybe you don't find people with their username? I haven't quite figured it out yet either. Search for me: Melissa Fausey
  2. If you are, I want to follow you! I've found so many cool ideas on there, but would love to see some more crochet and knitting pins. My username is M3l1ss4 - I just got started with it, but it's addicting!
  3. When I first started to crochet I bought tons of homespun, then found out all of the "issues" that everyone else has with it, and let it sit in a box for years. I finally whipped up a few lapghans with it, only to find that if my dog or cats go anywhere near them their fur would stick to it and never come off. I finally just gave the lapghans to the pets and don't plan to go back to homespun again. I mostly crochet baby blankets, anyway, so the colors aren't what I'm looking for.
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