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  1. I searched the forum first and did not see a topic concerning Spider Lace. I recently came across a pineapple block (Japanese pattern) and it took me quite a while to find the pattern. In the act of searching it occurred to me that there are some similarities in the construction and visual appeal of spider lace and crochet pineapple construction. I was wondering about the relationship and history of these two patterns and was wondering if anyone was aware of any information on this topic. Also I am interested to know if anyone else is interested in spider lace or the topic of these two forms of lace in general. The picture attached is the pattern I refer to. Thank you, Jackie
  2. Coats & Clark kindly made me a copy of the pattern - I no longer need this - thanks
  3. Am looking for Coats & Clark leaflet - J16-0108 Just For Baby - will buy or trade - can someone please help me? I
  4. Great answer and explanation - thanks so much.
  5. Hello all; I recently modified a pattern from the LionBrand website by converting it to tunisian crochet. So I was wondering do I now have a new pattern that can be distributed as a new pattern or does it still fall under the same pattern copyright etc.? Thanks for your input......
  6. Hi all; I haven't taken the foray into designing patterns yet but found this worksheet today and thought someone might find it useful. http://serendipity.gpvm.com/worksheet.html If this has already been posted somewhere, please forgive me. Jackie
  7. I found the pattern at the website. beautiful
  8. That is sooo beautiful - you said naturally caron but is that the type of yarn or the brand? Could you be more specific or point me to the pattern? Thanks
  9. Hi all; Not sure if any of you are familiar with Debbie Macomber's Blossom Street series. It starts with "Shop Around the Corner" and features knitting as the background for the stories involving people who live in the community. The main character of the first book has a sister who prefers crochet but Debbie Macomber is a knitter and knitting takes the main stage in these books. Still fiber art related and very entertaining books with colorful characters. I've read them all and am waiting for the next one.
  10. I love granny squares because there is so much you can do with them and there are lots of variations. Check this bag out that is made with hexagonal grannies. http://www.ingahelenejuul.no/default.asp?cmd=620&Page=12&Kat_ID=1
  11. Wow - this site is dangerous. I just joined and I'm so amazed.
  12. Hi Rhonda; I do a lot of crocheting with cotton thread all weights and have not noticed much shrinking. It does seem to get a little thicker and more absorbent but I think you will be very happy with the results. I tend to crochet rather tightly so I always use a hook one or two sizes bigger than the recommended hook size. I love crocheting with cotton because it feels so good in my hands. Many acrylics have a scratchy feel to them - but I really just love natural fibers because they are pure and well....just natural I guess. J
  13. strandjss

    Weaving ends

    Hi Alnee; I used to weave mine also but found that they sometimes work themselves out. I now use a tapestry needle and "sew" them to the surrounding yarn threads like I would a quilting thread for a quilt project. I'm anxious to hear how others do it also. Jackie
  14. I injured my right hand at work about 25 years ago. The surgeries left me with literally half a hand (thumb, index finger, and middle finger). Not just two fingers lost but all the muscle and tissue from the right side of my right hand. Also had all the bones in my wrist crushed with three fragments fused together with three metal links. My thumb and index finger could not move and were frozen about 3 inches apart. Had always done embroidery in the past but couldn't pick up the tiny needle. Started teaching myself to crochet using a fat hook so that I could "create" craft and the whole enterprise became good therapy for me. I now enjoy embroidery again, quilting, sewing, and crocheting. I have learned that the only handicap we really have is an "I can't" attitude.
  15. WOW! I love the yellow one - specifically the green leafy design alternating with the other colors. Absolutely lovely. What yarn did you use for the yellow one?
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