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  1. Goooood morning Cindy- Mary I have missed you all!
  2. HELLLLLLOOOOOOOO LADIES IN THE HOUSE!!!!! Some of you may remember me, for those of you who don't---- I'm baccccck Hope you all are well and have been well. I had to take some time out from a lot of things for a bit-- I was running a bit too thin. And now....... I run thin again!! (I didn't end up getting married-that was a good thing. He was an alcoholic and I never knew til he got down here and.,.....that's all he did. He had to go it was not a good thing for my daughter and I. ) I went back to college- Heading to get my bachelors in Dental Hygiene, still working full time and now my daughter is 15 and still playing softball like a crazy girl!! I did take up knitting there at a point, I am in love with it- but still crochet as well. Not much time to do either anymore with all my homework UUUUUGGGHH~!! But I will make it ! I see there are like 974 pages since I was prob in here last.......pretty sure I will never catch up--- but just wanted to say hello and look forward to catching up!!!
  3. How did I forget my ring??!! and the beach at the ocean with the log that he asked me to marry him on and the romantical sunsets he took me to see and watch! (I've been doing a bit of photographing these days too Just another hobby to take up my spare time---- ummm what spare time?? lol
  4. ahahahahaaaa-------did i EVER learn to add photos!! sORRY IF THEY ARE HUGE, I DON'T KNOW HOW TO MAKE THEM SMALLER! Mmmmm Hmmmmm Here WE GO!!!! They pretty much tell their own story- Andre and I, Aree growing up so fast! She's now 12 and in 7th grade and our dogs (now have 5, had 6 until Sept 10, my Old lab/boxer Noelle passed.....sad day for me) and of course my Piggies! They love the country- I fenced my back yard and they trip out because they can't get out front but they eat all the extra vegetation in the
  5. Hi there honey!! YES!!! SOOOO HAPPY!! Going to be an adjustment with a man in the house now! well..........soon lol. But will be sooooo nice! It's what I've prayed for for lots and lots of years-- I see myself growing old with Andre........I've NEVER seen myself in those shoes with anyone before! So- I'm praying HES IT!! lol Aree is in 7th grade and yes, she is playing fall ball. It's going to be VERY CHILLY fall ball this year too lol--- I have to figure out how to post pics now with this new layout going on. SHe's got to put her big girl panties on and toughen up though, she got a bit of her Dad's wussy side lol. Speaking of "FALL BALL" the girls want black beanies with red stitching like a softball........hmmmm not sure if I have time for that! lol Going to try though!.
  6. **~~ HELLLLLLOOOO TO ALL MY PEEPS ON HERE ~~** You know..........when I pick up my crocheting I think of all of you and how I need to get on here more often and keep in touch! I miss hearing about everyone and their life going ons! Etc Etc!! I felt like you were my extended family cuz my family is so dang small Maybe you claimed me, maybe not hehehe. Of course it's time to update for my 6 month check in lol---- seems what I've managed to get done. I just got home from Seattle after enjoying 5 days with my now "FIANCE" I will be MRS. JOHNSON!!! he proposed to me while there and i had NOOOOOO clue!! Asked me on an afternoon on the beach at the ocean--- couldn't of been more beautiful!!! ( can't figure out how to post pictures to show you ) I am VERY excited and can;t wait to get this show on the dang road- looking for jobs down here for him to move down. Aree loves him also so all is good. My dogs took to him like they knew he would one day become the man of the house lol. He's a doll. As for my crochet life----- it's friggn booming!!!! I happened to post that I was taking beanie/hat orders for the fall season and OMG---- they've gone CRRRRAAAZZZYYY!!! I have 80 beanies to get done ASAP!! and orders keep coming! (Going to use some of my hard earned money to help move Andre down here so he doesn't have to do it all on his own) Hope all is well with everyone--- i promise I will do better to keep in touch! LOVE AND HUGS!!
  7. HEY MY LONG LOST FRIENDS!!! I'm baaaaaack!!! How are all of you?? I see there are some new people since I was last here and then disappeared!! I hope all of you are well! Please fill me in! I will fill you all in! Still no husband or boyfriend to excite you with ................along with MODELING OR LACK OF MODELING "MY DOILY" hehehehe....... Still just Aree and I, our 5 dogs and 2 pot belly piggies. I'm not sure if I have been on since we moved out to my Dads--- actually I think that is about the last I was on. LOVE the country, except 3 of my dogs got hit with a skunk on Wed. morn. thought I was going to die trying to bathe them. Anyhow- last Oct I decided to take on a new adventure and work from home for a trucking company out of WA----ugggggghhhh the owner turned out to be a psycho, I had to go. In March I happened to walk into a trucking company that is one town away from me, only 15 min drive. He hired me that day only part time for a month and half, just went full-time. BUt..................we are managing! lol All is good, life is good, I love it here!! Aree is playing softball again. We've kept busy through the winter with indoor practice, fundraising, etc. She made paracord bracelets to sell to make money. She did well!! Still in business selling them now, replaced her cleats, paid her fees and now to get a new helmet! She's learning what working for money really is about lol. I've been crocheting and crocheting as well. I'm in the process of making an afghan that I'm donating for a fundraiser for a friends husband whom needs a kidney transplant. Then my cousins baby afghan due in June. and.....a good friends daughters graduation afghan......... they're going to be a bit delayed lol. Anyhow--- enough from me.......I will try to read back few posts and catch up a bit. Have missed you all and think about you often, just don't think about logging in to say hello! I"M SORRY!!!
  8. Hi there!!! I've missed you gals! I'm sure you've missed my "SPUNK" too hehehehehe!
  9. LOVE THE BATHROOM!! I still have my main one that needs a MAJOR face lift---heck I just got MY bathroom painted lol. Think I got a bit of burn out!
  10. G'Day Girls!!! I've included a bunch of photos to update ya'll on how I've been and am doing! The dog and the afghan---the dog is Molly, she's our newest addition and the afghan was for my cousin and her new husband for their wedding-- (Boise State and Auburn colors all in one! with matching slippers lol ) Work has been so crazy and we are getting ready to move offices in which i will have MY VERY OWN OFFICE!!!! I'm painting my walls Granny Smith Apple Green !!! Cant wait! Been working on a few crochet projects here and there. All has been great---Aree is starting 6th grade next week---I'm not sure what to think just yet, she's turning into a young lady and I'm not sure I'm ready for that! I barely am letting the poor girl shave her legs lol but.......we had to get it done. so sad. Anyhow, all is going well for us! I work only 1 job now and it's been awesome! Sort of a big adjustment money wise but I'm adjusting and lovin it! Hope you are all doing well! Loves and hugs to you all! I will get back in here soon I hope!
  11. ~So.........it's been months since I've posted in here------however.....update I have been taking almost a "CARLOAD" a week of goods that people have donated to the shelter along with some of their handmade items I am still going to do my big hat and scarf, glove drive and collect and donate in October'ish" aga~~THANK YOU AGAIN for your support!! They loved the items!
  12. ~~***~~~TO ALL OF MY GIRLS WHOM I MISS SO MUCH~~~***~~ I always think about you all and how I need to jump on here and say hello and try to catch up.......Mmmmm and then I just took a look at the page count since I was last on here---ummmmm 293???? and it's now at 793!!!! Maybe it would be like reading a Harry Potter book right?! lol---- How are all of you doing?? I shot a quick email to Judy yesterday and told her to tell everyone hello- she said I needed to jump on--sooo I have a moment today I thought I had better do just that!! Aree and I are doing VERY well I must add. Man---I can't remember when I was last on here---did I tell you all that I was moving back "HOME" My brother and I inherited our Dad's house back and his crazy wife flew the coop thank heavens. Anyhow---we are out in the country now 10 miles out of town--not too far out but close enough it's just a scoot back into town. It's awfully dark out there though lol, Aree asked if we could put our own street light up. The house is awesome and I love the property- just need to get my back yard fenced so my dogs can run freely. Aree is playing softball again and she's not even the same girl as last season---SOOOOO WILD!!! SHe's doing fantastic!!! She's pitching like no other, once she finally put her mind to it. And she's hitting the ball like crazy!!! I'm a PROUD MAMA OF #3!!! SHe's also still Clogging and lovin it! Excelling in school and getting excited to go to the "BIG" school next year and learning to play the violin.......Ummmm i don't know a THING about strings though As for me...........I'm still workin like a dawg! lol----Trying to make Aree and I skirts for my cousins wedding in June---Theyre lookin good! AND.....trying to get her wedding afghan done too! Other than that....all is well!! I'm excited to get updated on all of you!! LOVE YOU ALL AND MISS YOU!!
  13. Hey Ms. Cindy------send them! Send them!!! No worries----heck, we are barely going to get a REAL SNOW tonight or tomorrow- lol We just might do this now too!
  14. **UPDATE** Soooo.......My Operation "GIVE WARMTH" is taking off!!! I've decided I can try to give warmth to someone's heart, soul, body, whatever works :O) My mission ALL year will be ---of course to collect hats, gloves, coats, scarves for my next Oct. donation----HOWEVER......as far as all year- once a week I go to the shelter or should I say I have gone for the last 2 months every Thurs with a car load of ANYTHING!! I am on a 1st name basis now lol!! I am actually also on a mission to hopefully put together a LARGE concert with all proceeds being donated--they are building a new facility. SO---if ANY of you would like to keep crafting and donate- THEY WERE VERY IMPRESSED THAT ALL OF YOU HELPED ME OUT WITH THIS! they thought it was the coolest thing! I have also had a long time ago- like 17 yrs. ago friend find me on Facebook and he lives South of Salt Lake city and he is helping me from down there as well! He's super excited about helping! It's actually pretty awesome! If you have a Facebook account and would go to OPERATION GIVE WARMTH and "LIKE" my page, I try to update it everyday, if not every other day. PLEASE REMEMBER.........HOMELESSNESS DOESN'T JUDGE...........
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