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    Dolls, amigurumi, Japanese language, sleeping underneath large trees
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    jan 19 2010
  1. Suigetsu


    I find him rather cut[e] ~^_^~
  2. Thanks M.M. I was wanting to get that book anyways, but this adds even more weight to the decision. ^_^
  3. Elli from several of the Harvest Moon games. Original pattern. I still need a better way of rooting the hair. She's about 5-6" tall. I wonder how much it would go for, not that I'm selling her, I just want to know what people would pay for something like her.
  4. I wonder if anyone can tell how this is done properly (The red/white label on the purple part). I have tried several different ways but they either show the layer below it, or the detail rises up too much.
  5. Hello from norther Illinois So you're totally hooked...*chuckles*
  6. White elephant gift? ^^ very cute
  7. Suigetsu

    Cat Ami

    I think I did pretty good for just having started crocheting about a week ago. I used a pattern from a book called "Cute Little Animals". Something I could do better next time is attaching the parts. Since I didn't have a yarn needle I used a crochet hook and it didn't turn out as stable as I would have liked. I also sped through attaching the eyes and might redo them at a later time.
  8. ^^ I'm in Stevenson D. I just came from the cafeteria with some food.
  9. I'm current. I'll be graduating this spring ^^ I have a single dorm room which means I can have all the yarn that I want and not get in any roommate's way.
  10. I wonder if there are any fellow crocheting Huskies out there.
  11. In Japan they make a calligraphy brush out of the baby's first haircut. I think it would be neat to make stuff out of human hair as long as it's washed properly.
  12. I have been dealing with this problem myself. I have come to the conclusion that attching rounds with sl st are the bane of my existence. To resolve it, I just use markers to show me what row I'm on and not do the sl st and 1ch. I just continue to sc the entire thing like a single long row. Kinda spirals the row. Edit: By doing this, no seam is created.
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