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  1. I love the first one, such cute and bright colours!
  2. that is truly beautiful. You are very talented!
  3. I love those colourful collars with kerchiefs attached, that would be a great crochet project for small dogs
  4. what a great job! I absolutely love faeries!
  5. that is so cute! Makes me wish I had a niece to crochet this for!
  6. my husband just mutters about me never being able to sit still without anything in my hands lol
  7. wow those are beautiful!
  8. my grandmother used old flannel sheets. She folded them to the size of the item to block, and then used lots of pins to keep it in place.
  9. the dmc is a dream to work with, it is softer than any other cotton I have felt. My grandmother, who was a thread crochetter for at least 40 years (until her eyes no longer allowed it), swore by her dmc
  10. I love the squares posted in the last couple of days wow there are going to be a lot of beautiful afghans around the world in a couple of months so to all of you: and now go on and crochet more
  11. thanks for the answers everyone I am going to make a small doily, and then maybe a bookmark? I just saw this beautiful doily pattern in a dutch magazine, and I had to make it
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