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  1. Those small dolls are cute all dressed up where did you get them???
  2. LOOKS Great.... Free editing software..... to use on your PC......I email my pictures to my PC edit and I then post from PC.... Here are your pictures fixed right side up for ya.... I just flipped them and then made them into one picture for ya... hope you don't mind....:O)
  3. I think a shade of gray would be good with it vs the mustard I am totally not a mustard fan as far back as my grandma using it (in everything at that time) think wow this color is very ugly.. & they seemed to mix it with Orange or Rust? Why they both seemed ugly to me?
  4. Those would be very cute on some plastic eggs for adult gifts :O) I am sure kids would love them too
  5. Been a very busy work weekend (Sat-Tuesday) I am off work and resting now :O) ie crocheting.... Over the weekend I finished this outfit to go along with the shades of purple baby blanket that I previously made...my mom plans to gift it to a co-worker.......
  6. As a plus size person you also want to remember our breast area tends to take up more space when wrapping over to keep warm longer is always better then too short
  7. MARY JO--> Those blankets you keep whipping out look wonderful.... ApaK-> Mouse Bride and Groom would be great can't wait to see those pictures either yes time fly when you have kids mine turned 25 in DEC I am currently still working on my granny square blanket as well as another Doll Carrier for an employee at work's daughter.... Got my New storage shed outside over the weekend!!!! so over the next few weeks/months I will be major house cleaning (mind you I have all my boxes in my house that must be gone thru since I moved in years ago (the previous shed leaked) I will be (
  8. Recently my BF asked me to make one for him as well for camping (hot pans) from the stove type of eating or from the hot coals....Great JOB
  9. Those are super Cute!!!!! Little kids and adults alike would love those...
  10. WOW I really Love that you do great work.....That would be perfect for a new mom........ Warning Cross post again!!!! I just finished this doll carrier for a little girl as a gift...
  11. I opted to post this scrap doll carrier under doll items since it would hold dolls or stuffed animals depending on the child's interest...I basically grabbed this pattern and then went crazy modified as I saw fit to make it how I thought a carrier should be... 1--Wanted it so hold (pouch) the doll vs it sliding or falling out the bottom 2--Needed to make the straps way longer with option to adjust the straps 3--Whipped stitched the sides close after making a long rectangle but left 3 inches open for doll's feet to stick out....
  12. Kids are funny one year they want bows & ribbons the next year they want skulls and bones....Those are cute thou just perfect for winter weather...(in real winter places...temp in Phoenix is 60-80 that doesn't count was winter to me)
  13. Moving right along you seem to be doing Mary Jo......Love your doll....Your Collections is wild and I am always waiting to see the next one....
  14. Great Job.... I righted your pic for ya hope you don't mind..:O)
  15. Thanks everyone it's a concept in progress toward getting it right for a two-three year old lol
  16. Greyhoundgrandma ---That purple mermaid tail is amazing love the color choice...... Tampa- Your Blanket is perfect can't wait to see the owl one when you get it done......... Cross post....Warning... Update: FEBRUARY 27, 2017 1-- Wave Ripple Baby Blanket using 3 skeins of RHSS Red/White/Black-Done 2-- Purse and hide it all bag- Done 3--Wave Ripple Blanket- RHSS White/Shades of Purple-Done 4--Scrap busting baby booties- Done into stash for quick gifts 5--Toddler Pink and Gray Bolero-Done 6-Child size Shades of Purple Bolero-Done 7--Dish clothes for Done 8- Scrap Cupcake Purs
  17. SO this project concept started after the last one I made yet I thought creating a square (granny square) and it should work the same..It did except my 10 inch square was way too big when I started my rounds of shells (ruffles) part as this may fit up to a 7/8 year old I will be gifting this to a co-worker since I don't know any little girl that big. I also made this cupcake purse to match as well.....
  18. Something creative yet simple for a little girl to get everyone's attention....J/K I liked that this pattern came with both video and written instructions since sometime I need to see stitch concepts...These little purses are just perfect for all those tons of scraps..... They measure about 6 x 6 using an I hook
  19. Very Cute Octopus Gardener!!!! Yesterday & Today was all about cleaning up dining room (catch all spot) and putting things back in the rooms they go into that meant lots of yarn back into it's new home yarn cabinet (trust me I have lots more then just what is this cabinet (10-15 boxes of scraps balls) that in the future will get into my new closet plan but need to move other items first (re-arrange bedroom) 2 bedroom mobile homes have sucky storage..... Today I am working on another Bolero as well.....
  20. I really like the look of this blanket great job...:O)
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