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  1. You found some real patience in this project....Great Job above my brain power
  2. WOW !!!! that is super cute...too tiny for me to make LOL
  3. ratdog-- did you have a pattern you were using? for the bedside pocket?
  4. I am just working on this and that... I have my sister-in-laws Xmas gift (mini back pack) to finish, single crochet tight stitching it so hands get tired really quickly I have a baby blanket- for something to do on the hook as well so..... I am also planning to see if I can rid my house of some much needed de-stashing of some finished projects I am going to see about selling some for extra $$ for Xmas... Plus I am sure someone would love these baby blankets/shawls/baby dresses that are taking up 3 totes LOL .... Mary Jo- Love the phone case..Looks hard Apak- WOW love t
  5. This is a hat my DD made herself for Halloween to wear for work
  6. So I see about a few people from above getting ready to look in their stash of yarn and get one of these on their hooks LOL.. Iam shocked everyone liked it so well who would have thought? I was just using up leftover yarn and trying to find things to put into my DD #2 Back pack gift for Xmas LOL Just a helpful tip I check that the bottom is tall enough to keep things in I made mine deeper...and make sure then top is shorter to keep the hooks or pens from fall out I did this too plus wider in size as well :O) :O)
  7. Thanks everyone :O) I am hoping my niece will too...
  8. I just whipped this up as a test to see if it would work (if I could make it LOL) it was easy & quick...I used my leftover yarn scraps from the backpack I made for DD #2 and this will go into the backpack along with some other goodies for Xmas...But the best part is I can use up scraps.. I made some changes to make sure the pens would stay put & made sure to make the bottom pouch deeper and the top one shorter... This will hold 3.5 x 5 pads of paper or index cards are they are cheap from the Dollar Store
  9. This free shawl-vest worked up quickly and will make a perfect gift for my niece who is 11 years old and around a 14-16... It maybe a little big however it will fit longer then one year :O) I really liked that I could just pick this up work it and get in done while just watching TV just & I was able to work it up at work in limited lighting due to the simple repeat pattern.... My mom is a XL( Women size 18) and this was just maybe just a little small on her if I made that next size (plus size) up it may be to big...but I am sure I can work out the 2 sizes and get the right size for a
  10. Super Cute I really like that cute!!!!! Perfect for a boring office cork board at work or even on the whip board if you used a magnet......
  11. So I am getting started on Winter & Xmas early...So here is my to do list so far Just finished a Swing Shirt for a co-workers daughter over the weekend finding buttons is always hard but forgot to grab a picture Niece-Mini Backpack/change bag/winter shawl- Status (back pack just needs straps attached & shawl is half done) Status My sister-in law-Mini Backpack/change bag/winter shawl-Status pending Grandson-Mini Backpack & Winter Hats-Status(back pack done just need to start on hats) DD#2 -Mini Backpack change bag -Status (back pack done just need to start
  12. I want to make a small rectangle style shawl for my niece for Xmas she is 12 years old my question is what size Width and Length do you guys think would be about RIGHT? Thanks
  13. Thanks everyone here the other 2 I have finished and I have 2 more planned great Xmas gift planned for me :O) I am planning to fill with random things for each person personal preferences (like gift bags) plus a $10 gift card since DD & I will do this together (to gift each person) the total cost will be around maybe? $20 spent... (the yarn cost per bag is $3.50 at most if you use something like Red Heart Super Saver however I have lots of yarn in my stash so I should be covered for Zero) I am using both RHSS and Cotton for different ones)
  14. I joined a RHSS Cal on Raverly this months project was ......Pick a pattern of your choice. Any stuffed item qualifies; decorative items, toys for the kids or pets… let your imagination run wild. So I whipped up this quick little Baby Smiley Sun Shine Rattle....just perfect for Scrap busting as well...
  15. I am getting Xmas of to a start very early here.. I just whipped up 3 backpacks from this pattern for quick gifts that I will stuff with goodies & 2 will be shipped back east extra early for the holiday. This project is perfect for scraps........ Right now I just finished one completely as I have them in various stages of being done I am just completing the straps on 1 later today is the plan & one has LOTS of Scrap ends to weave in before I start this ones straps...
  16. I am working on mini backpacks for a few people for Xmas & just have to finish them off (weaving all the ends in & making the strap part) and then I will post a few pictures....I am also in a Cal on Raverly and need to get started on this months Theme/Type item just slow going over here....Not really motivated to do much of anything? not so sure why but maybe this weekend will get me back in the groove w/ some rest LOL
  17. Made for the little girl I have been crocheting for 2 Swing Skirts Jumped Right on my Hook... Best part they work up pretty quick....I finished in one evening watching TV.... I made 2 and found that RHSS Purple was very heavy so thought why not some Lion Brand Pound of Love- Hot Pink it's pretty sturdy as well as Light weight I had some in the closet.....
  18. Top # 3 and I have a purple skirt in the works
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