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  1. Still busy crochet away....having yarn stretching vs hook size issues coming along as I create a pattern
  2. from AZ & you got it right....but there is no right or wrong here....pull up a hook & enjoy
  3. Welcome can't wait to see some of your work posted
  4. WOW Great Jobs Mary Jo and Jesse on those blankets.... P.S. Venting Moment you have been warned..!!! I have been working a few projects in what I am calling this years "No Xmas Gifts" every year my brother & his family (wife and one child who is 11) want gifts (expect) but tend to lack in giving (didn't put 5 mins into the gift aka popcorn tin or make up no-one wears) or wait until a week before say we are doing gifts this year because we are broke (is Xmas not 365 days from the last one and you could have put $5 a week or even $1 a week away to buy or make gifts?) enough abo
  5. Super Cute Idea--- I have one of those carts my mom gave them to me for putting all my office supplies in them that area cart
  6. I have a few green mesh bags that I bought at dollar tree a few years back to keep my yarn projects in however I really hated the mesh texture so I asked my mom the other day if she hate some scrap fabric and would she make me a few bags a little bit bigger...She gave me 3 to test and all I needed to do was grab my ribbon box & feed some ribbon threw them adding a draw string closure ...on one I testing a button vs draw string to just slide it closed... Iam so happy for as I tend to work on various projects at work some in office (where I have more table space for say a blanket) &
  7. Welcome, and remember to practice patence....and enjoy creating new things
  8. I really love these little milk bottles from at local dairy however I am usually trying to carrier this plus other breakfast items from my car to my work van & lets say I have almost or have dropped this glass bottle many times... So it was time for a carrier for Safety plus less mess if it doesn't break... So out came a little ball of cotton yarn & my trusty hook and here is what I made it works perfectly.....
  9. Super Cute Doll Mary Jo..... I had caught the Flu the wed before Xmas so I am just getting around to posting my last bit of Xmas Stuff that I made man this Flu stuff was a royal pain here in Phoenix Lots of people are very sick (my parents & me)... For My Mom I made Lots of various size Hot Pads (10) & Wash clothes (10-12) using scrap cotton..Here is a small sample nothing major...
  10. I am working a pattern & I am getting ready to start the Wing section of the pattern however I am confused by the instructions as were the stitches are going? My daughter & I have tried it and still can't seem to get it... Any help would be great I am more of a visual person and since the pattern doesn't have any pictures (including any from people who have made it I am lost) Here is the Pattern But this is the part I am lost on.... I think I got row one but that is where I am not sure where the stitch placement (goes) Wings Row 1 - Continue in pattern for t
  11. You found some real patience in this project....Great Job above my brain power
  12. WOW !!!! that is super cute...too tiny for me to make LOL
  13. ratdog-- did you have a pattern you were using? for the bedside pocket?
  14. I am just working on this and that... I have my sister-in-laws Xmas gift (mini back pack) to finish, single crochet tight stitching it so hands get tired really quickly I have a baby blanket- for something to do on the hook as well so..... I am also planning to see if I can rid my house of some much needed de-stashing of some finished projects I am going to see about selling some for extra $$ for Xmas... Plus I am sure someone would love these baby blankets/shawls/baby dresses that are taking up 3 totes LOL .... Mary Jo- Love the phone case..Looks hard Apak- WOW love t
  15. This is a hat my DD made herself for Halloween to wear for work
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