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  1. Hello everyone! Been running around a lot these last couple of weeks. Good news, I managed to find a new job after getting laid off in April! I start on Monday! I'm excited/nervous about it!
  2. I hope everyone enjoyed their weekends! I cooked a HUGE dinner last night and my dad, his girlfriend, and my sister's fiance all came over. We had a great time! Today, I just plan to relax and work on an afghan!
  3. Any colors/sizes in particular? I have a ridiculous amount of baby yarn here, once I finish up my current project I can try to get a few out to you I've had 3 Bostons, and have two currently! They're the best! I think mine plotted against me while I was doing a 5K run/walk this morning, because they were wild when I got home! I can barely put on socks and shoes without them thinking they're coming along!
  4. Good morning, ladies! I apologize for my absence--April and May are always jam-packed for me! On top of an already busy month, I was laid off on April 24 so I'm currently unemployed and job hunting. It really was a blessing to be let go, I'm so much happier now! I had a very extensive interview yesterday with a local company so I'm hoping and praying that I get that position!
  5. Good morning! I hope everyone is well. Yesterday, my sister and her boyfriend got engaged! I've known since November that he would be popping the question, and I've had to keep this secret for months and lie to my sister yesterday saying that I was going out shopping for furniture when I was actually going out to the proposal site (Grant's Farm in St. Louis). She loved feeding the elephant and of course she said yes!
  6. Good morning! Anyone else hating the overnight Spring Forward? I see a nap in my future! Pineknott, I hope everything turns around for you today!
  7. Hello everyone! I haven't crocheted one stitch this week because of my shoulder. It's finally feeling better, still sore, but I actually have some mobility and the pain doesn't require any medication. Still not sure what I did to it, but glad it's better! I had an interview on Friday for a new job, and I'm really, really hoping that it works out! The office is quite small, everyone is very friendly, and it'll be something that utilizes my degree more than what I'm doing right now. I should hear on Tuesday or Wednesday if they want me back for a second interview!
  8. Just stopping by to say hello! I must have slept wrong last night, because my right shoulder and neck are very, very sore and stiff! I tried to crochet a little bit earlier tonight and it just hurt too much. Advil, heating pad, and IcyHot for tonight!
  9. It's sad to see people react badly when you give them a price. Someone asked my sister to do a baby blanket, and when she gave this woman the price, the woman went around to me and others asking for lower prices! (I ended up telling her that I wouldn't do it for under $100 since it needed a LOT of yarn and a LOT of time). Unless people actually see you working, they'll never understand how much time goes into a project.
  10. My absolute favorites right now are Clover Amour! They're very comfortable in hand!
  11. Good morning! For those talking about Project Linus--my local JoAnn's store actually has a collection bin! You may want to check in with craft stores in your area to see if they do collections! The main drop-off location in my area is in St. Louis, which is not far at all, but my JoAnn's is only about 5 miles from my house
  12. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! P.S. This is my 700th post on Crochetville
  13. Are you looking for any particular amount of scrap yarn or any specific weight/fiber? I know I have little balls running around my house from the ends of projects! If you don't care how much is in each little ball, or what kind of yarn it is, I'd be happy to send you what I can find.
  14. I have another project on the hook! My cousin asked me to make an afghan for him, so I got that going! It's camo variegated with bright orange. He's a hunter so he's loving the color combo
  15. Good morning, ladies! I know I haven't been around much--I had three crochet projects that needed to be mailed/shipped and I stayed off the computer! I didn't read all the posts I missed, but I hope everyone is doing well. We got more snow this week, but the roads were cleared up very, very quickly, so it wasn't bad at all!
  16. Hello! Had a rough day at work today...back in August, my company of around 800 employees laid off 70 people, and today, we were told that the entire company will take 2 unpaid holidays in addition to a number of unpaid furlough days. Each department had a different number if furlough days, ranging from 2 to 10. My department got 7. The realization of 9 unpaid days in a 3 month period hasn't quite hit me yet...it's going to be a definite hit to my paycheck!
  17. I'm so sorry to hear of your rough times, but I know that your faith in God will absolutely push you through this! Romans 12:12
  18. I'm sorry I haven't gotten the square in the mail yet, but I promise I haven't forgotten!
  19. Thank you all for the birthday wishes! It's been a really great day! I had a massage this morning (amazing) and then my sister and I went out for sushi for lunch! I'm home now relaxing!
  20. Just wanted to pop in and say hello! I haven't been on the computer too much lately. My little cousin had a party for her 4th birthday tonight and we had a lot of fun! She got a LOT of pink and princess items!
  21. Best of luck at your appointment! My doctor put me on a very mild blood pressure medication, because it was getting a bit high and i was having crazy, crazy bad headaches every day of the week. I went from having 5-6 migraines in 3 weeks to having only 2 headaches in the 3 weeks after I started the med. (The two headaches I did have...one was from a super loud concert and the other was from forgetting to take the med!) There are a lot of options out there and I'm sure your dr can help you if you need a medication to assist with your BP!
  22. Hope everyone is surviving this blast of winter! Roads are FINALLY starting to clear up in my area, though we still have tons of snow on the ground and more to come. My neighborhood roads are a mess, and a friend dropped something off at my house before I got home today and she said my neighbor had to help push her car because she got stuck in the slush on the street! I felt terrible!
  23. Good morning! Heading to work shortly--hope everyone has a great day!
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