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  1. I work during the day, so I usually don't pick up my hook until about 6pm. I'll crochet for a few hours and head to bed. On days off...I very easily will spend nearly the entire day working on a project.
  2. I'm sitting in my living room right now, and in my line of sight, I have 5 WIP's. I'm like this with reading books, too...never can seem to just stick to one thing at a time!
  3. Great! I have two lovely red and white scarves packed up and will be getting to the post office either tomorrow or Friday!
  4. Is RHSS an acceptable yarn for these scarves? I have two scarves made up that need a home.
  5. I updated my blog yesterday: http://crochetbyday.blogspot.com/2010/10/project-linus.html
  6. I just updated my blog...I decided that I didn't really like my original blog idea of "post whatever you feel like talking about related to crochet" because I never updated! So, I changed my theme into a pretty specific idea that will hopefully keep me posting every week! http://crochetbyday.blogspot.com
  7. Those are very beautiful! I'm not Catholic, but I have many Catholic friends, so I'll have to pass your link on to them.
  8. I'm 24 and have been crocheting for several years now. I really think that crochet and knit is catching on to a younger crowd--I occasionally substitute teach at a local junior high, and I saw an 8th grader in one of my classes carrying her knitting needles with her.
  9. I live in Belleville and went to college at McKendree! I think downtown Lebanon would be perfect for a cute and cozy LYS.
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