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  1. Those were so much fun to design! I have a small collection of such high tops (some custom made) so they asked me to do something like that for them. Too fun! That's a great CAL project as well and you can get the free pattern from HERE.
  2. Hey there folks! As a way for Shibaguyz Designz to celebrate:yay National Crochet Month in March, we will host a CAL here in this forum for anyone wanting to work on one of our designs. Starting March 1st, grab one of our patterns, grab the yarn:yarn and your hooks:hook and I'll check in daily to answer questions and offer help. Respond here with the project you'll be doing and we'll get the ball rolling on March 1st… that should give everyone enough time to bring everything together! A full list of my designs can be found HERE or HERE. Let me know if you are having trouble finding a particular pattern and I will do what I can to point the way! Looking forward to it! talk to you soon… Shannon Added 02/01/11: PRIZES!! We have just added some FAB prizes for our Shibaguyz Designz CAL! Here's how it will work: 1. Everyone who enters ANY PROJECT PHOTOS from one of the designs from Shibaguyz Designz will be entered into a general drawing. All you have to do is post photos of your work in progress and you will be entered. 2. Anyone entering showing photos of a design from Shibaguyz Designz being WORKED ON IN PUBLIC will be entered in another drawing. Your photo must show the place where you are stitching, the project and the pattern… oh… and you in the photo since you'll be the one stitching. This, of course, will be or a larger prize. 3. Anyone entering showing photos of them WEARING IN PUBLIC a design from Shibaguyz Designz will be entered in another drawing. Again, your photo must include you wearing the piece and the public place. If you have chosen one of our afghans…*well…*you can't really WEAR that…*but you can take a photo of you posing with the afghan in public so we'll count that too. 4. Crazy category! There will be a 4th prize in a 4th category that we will announce after the start of the CAL. Prizes will be chosen by random number generator and will be announced here in the CAL thread at the conclusion of the CAL on April 1st. Prizes to be included are goodies like yarn, crochet kits, handspun yarn, patterns, books and a pony (not really…*just seeing if you are paying attention).
  3. Hey all! Here is the link to my new design for Bijou Basin Ranch. This is a versatile piece that is easy to make but looks impressive when finished. A twist on shrugs and wraps, this piece will hold you year round to fight off the chill in the air while looking classy and fun depending on how you dress it up. Click here for the pattern purchase and download. (This is the new PatternFish link) Check it out and treat yourself! Enjoy! talk to you soon… Shannon
  4. Barnes and Noble is my local source for mags too…*other than online subscriptions.
  5. Congratulations, Madame President! Does this mean I have to kiss your ring now?? hehehehe…
  6. Heya! Me again… While poking around here on Crochetville, I noticed folks may not know about Inside Crochet magazine from the UK. Yeah… the pattern instructions are written in UK terminology but that is easy enough to translate. Yes… I have a few designs in recent issues (shameless self promotion LOL), but to the point, Inside Crochet really features a wide range of fashionable garments and accessories. I know we crochet folk are always looking for more/new sources… and this is definitely one to look for. If you can't find it at your local bookstore or yarn shop, I know I get my copies electronically from Yudu.com. There has even been talk of being able to purchase the mag from the KAL Media website in a pdf format. Just wanted to give everyone a heads up! talk to you soon… Shannon
  7. Thanks Amy! I'd love to see something once you have it completed! Is there a FO forum around here somewhere? Still wading through the Crochetville waters!
  8. Thank you so much for saying so…*I really appreciate it.
  9. Hey there all! I've been bad and haven't been keeping up on updating my published pattern here on Crochetville. As penance, I have written, 100,000 times "I will stay up to date on Crochetville." Unfortunately, now I have a hand cramp and can't stitch for a while… oh well… Here is a link to my designer page with all of my recently published pieces. And, in the future, I promise to update Crochetville in a timely and responsible fashion… hooker's honor… wait… that sounds bad… nevermind… talk to you soon… Shannon
  10. Hey there stitchers! Here are four of my new designs for Kollage Yarns available for purchase on Patternfish. Funky & Fun: Vest/Scarf Combo Flapper Set: Hat, Scarf & Gauntlet "Aum" Yoga Socks "Rainier" Vest and Hat Three of these patterns include instructions for more than one item…*Enjoy!! talk to you soon… Shannon Find Shibaguyz Designz here: ShibaguyzDesignz.com Facebook Ravelry
  11. Hey there all! Thanks for all the great welcomes! Can't wait to get to know everyone and do some more browsing around Crochetville!
  12. Hey there fellow Crochetville stitchers! If you are looking for a FAB pattern to work on this summer that is quick and looks fantastic on the wearer… check out my Delphi Hat pattern from the studios of Shibaguyz Designz.
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