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  1. Thanks...but the site won't come up for me whaaaaaaaaa again. I'm having tough luck here LOL
  2. Thanks so much. I had only found one on eBay myself but it was one that the bidding had already ended on. I did sent the person an email about the Buy it Now thing but then noticed that they only ship to the US and I'm in Canada. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
  3. Hello all I am wondering if anyone knows of....or has...the Annie Potter Presents pattern book called "Teacup Ragdoll Angels" that I could PURCHASE??? I desperately want the teacup patterns that are in it. I have seen the front cover and back cover and I'm in LOVE . Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much for any help.
  4. That is beautiful!! You did a fantastic job
  5. Hello Heather...welcome to Crochetville from Nova Scotia
  6. Hello and welcome to Crochetville from Nova Scotia
  7. Hi Mindy and welcome from Nova Scotia
  8. Hello JoAnna...welcome to the forum
  9. Hello from another Canadian...Nova Scotia to be exact Welcome to the forum
  10. Thank you so much everyone for your replies. I'll probably go ahead and buy the book at some point. They are just so darn purdy...I MUST make one
  11. I've written the size on the inside of the cardboard roll for years! Glad to know others thought of doing this too
  12. Does anyone know of any free patterns out there for painted doilies ...the ones done with regular sewing thread??? I know Annies Attic has a book with patterns but I'm trying to go the free route first Thanks in advance for any help
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