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  1. I just finished up my latest free pattern on my blog! Http://LivingTheCraftLife.blogspot.com/2014/02/peacock-feather-applique-free-pattern.html Feel free to pin and share with your friends!!
  2. Thank you everybody for your input. I have decided to write it out the long way (I found a few ways to condense it a bit), and I think it will turn out great. Thank you!
  3. Finally uploaded the photos! Here's a photo to help recruit a third tester .
  4. Just general knowledge of how patterns should be written. I need to know if there is a better way to write a certain section.
  5. It does not repeat, the pattern is of a feather where the round increases (in stitch height) then decreases, all in the same row. Unless you think I can write "repeat backwards" haha which I don't think is "proper pattern writing". @Amy, the document didn't address my issue. I understand basic pattern writing, I just wish there was an easier way to write it so there wasn't so much fluff.
  6. Okay, but it seriously makes it REALLY long, and I find it harder to follow the pattern because I have to navigate between all the "in the next"
  7. Pattern Description: Pattern Style: Written Pattern photo: given with pattern Skill level: Intermediate Yarn required: Testers required to supply their own worsted weight yarn in 4 different colors. Tester information: Number of testers needed: 3 Approximate time required to complete project: 2 days (Pattern only takes 20 minutes to complete) Deadline: Feb 10th Tester experience: prior testing experience preferred, pattern writing understanding preferred. Tester Responsibilities: I need the pattern checked for clarity and accuracy. I need to be sure it is written in understandable terms. Compensation: None
  8. I am writing up a pattern, and I am unsure of the proper way to write these steps. The pattern is worked in the round, and each chain has a different stitch(or stitches) that goes in each next one. So it seems rather lengthy to write it out how I feel is proper, and I am wondering if there is a shorter way to write it. For example: sc in next, 2 sc in next, 1 hdc in next, 2 hdc in next, 1 dc in next.... etc. etc. etc. Or is there a way explain it so I can write it more condensed like sc, 2sc,1hdc, 2hdc, 1dc...etc etc etc. Thanks!!
  9. I want to get this pattern published by at least Wednesday. If you think you can finish it by then let me know. Send me a message with your email and I will email it to you. I won't be able to email it until later tonight because I'm working on some revisions and photos to put in the tutorial. Thanks!
  10. view count is working now. Of course right after I ask!!
  11. I've got one tester on board. Is there a reason my post shows up with zero views? I've viewed it several times and I have one tester already? weird.
  12. Pattern Information Pattern Description: striped crochet scarf that is worked in the round Pattern Style: written in US terms with photo guides Skill Level: intermediate (dc 3 tog, working in rounds) Yarn/Material/Tools Required : size K or N crochet hook and worsted weight yarn in 3 colors required. Tester Information Number of Testers Needed: 3 Approximate Time Required to Complete Project: 1-2 hours Deadline: June 18th Tester Experience: Experience at pattern testing preferred Tester Responsibilities: I need testers to check the pattern for clarity; find inconsistencies in the written instructions; provide suggestions to make pattern clear. I need to know if the pattern would be easier to understand if it was done with each row fastening off or if it is done in the round. Any Special Software Requirements: Microsoft word OR PDF Compensation Free pattern! Testing credit on my blog. PM me if you can test this pattern!
  13. Thanks everyone, that helps a TON. I just saw the spiral design, thought it was gorgeous, but had no idea how it was accomplished. All your resources were VERY helpful. THANKS!!!!
  14. I was googling crochet earrings and saw this image: http://www.flickr.com/photos/bobbi_jean/6857895078/ They are so beautiful and I wanted to know if anyone knew where I could get the pattern for the motif. Thanks!!!
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