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  1. Oh, how lovely. What a special gift they would make.
  2. This sounds wonderfully exciting. Are you displaying your work or perhaps giving a seminar? What is the specific topic? I am so happy for you and definitely wish you success. Can't wait to hear how it went. Hugs, Barbara
  3. What a nice pattern. Will be making a few of these for gift baskets. Thanks so much. Barbara
  4. Wow, that's what I call dedication. What a great statement for crocheting. Love it.
  5. Isn't that just plain aggravating!!!!! I have a lot of THAT kind of problem with anything Caron. I almost always have to rewind before using.
  6. Oh definitely the yarn first. I just love holding and even caressing beautiful yarns and imagining what I could create with it. I have been so fortunate in running across amazing finds at garage sales, thrift stores and church rummage sales. If my wallet lets me, I snatch up both serviceable yarns and/or high end yarns when I find them at these sales. Then I can go "shopping" in my stash. When I run across a really great pattern I am ready to start stitching.
  7. Oh my gosh, "organizing wips"???? People actually DO that??? OK, only kidding around here. But, I have to admit to never really organizing my projects. They tend to get tossed into totes, baskets or even bags and wait patiently for my mojo to remember what I did with them....blushing and smiling.
  8. I'm not a very experienced knitter but I do enjoy making one or two skein garter stitch scarves for gifting. Last weekend at a church sale I bought three skeins of a Red Heart yarn called Boutique Magical. The colors were pretty and I liked the way it had different textures to it. Gracious, what a hoot it turned out to be. There were at least four or five separate weights/textures in each skein as well as fairly long color bands. I'm glad I decided to knit with it because I think crocheting would have made me tear out a few handfuls of hair.....lol. Has anyone used this yarn? Do you have suggestions for patterns, either crochet or knitting?
  9. When I volunteered at the library they had a service called "homebound book lovers". Patrons would make lists of books they would like or call in a request and as soon as that book was available or could be ordered from another library one of the staff or a volunteer would deliver it. There was one regularly scheduled delivery day each week with more added if the requests were more frequent. I live in a smallish town so maybe big cities don't offer it. I did buy this book and enjoyed reading and learning about the process involved. I do have to admit to not using it all that much but I did find it contained different patterns even though the method was primarily the same.
  10. I agree with Granny Square. This sort of looks like an old fashioned "string" holder that country stores used to use. The string was for wrapping packages in brown paper before the advent of the plastic bags or even paper grocery sacks. Pretty neat, at any rate. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Oh how organized. Love the "see through" type storage units.
  12. I try to remember to tightly braid my hair and use a headband before I crochet. Still, those tough little buggers find their way into my stitching and then it's frog, frog, frog.....grumble.
  13. I'm not coordinated enough to crochet while walking or standing. I have a papasan chair I sort of lounge in or a swivel rocker that I do most of my crocheting in.
  14. Mostly in the evenings. My mind is more settled then.
  15. Love the elegance of tatting but could never get the knotting right. Never tried wire-crochet but would love to see your work.
  16. Great thread. Eons ago when I started crocheting I NEVER (as in absolutely NEVER) swatched anything...lol. However in the last 15 or 20 years I have discovered just how helpful swatching can be. You can figure out the sizes of your individual crochet stitches, changes for tension and length, which translates into sizing for wearables. I have learned how different thickness and textures of yarn work up with different patterns and hooks. And, I am just beginning to play around with color pooling (another thing I NEVER thought of doing...lol) and a swatch helps me see the actual coloring lines. So, I'll add swatching to this wonderful crochet toolbox. Barbara
  17. Probably the hairpin lace. For whatever reason I cannot get an even stitch with it. Certainly helps me broaden my expletive vocabulary....harrumph!
  18. You guys are soooo fun. I really had to cut down my 'puter time so I could actually FINISH projects. Since I only have a desktop computer on the second floor, I can easily limit my "cruising" to 10 or 15 minutes a couple times a day. I keep a bag with crochet projects in it close to the back door so I can grab it on the way out. Used to keep projects in the car but I ended up with a bunch of UFO's co-mingling on the floor of the back seat . I rarely make large projects like afghans any more but always have a basket with several small projects by my living room chair. Like many of the comments here, I can't JUST watch TV unless I'm too sick to hold a hook . Since I create greeting cards and sew a lot of my hubby's and my clothes, finding time for everything is a bit tricky. I did sacrifice housekeeping to the cause and that freed up a bunch of time . Barbara
  19. Aaaah, no more yarn buying. Gracious, that's a tough one....already having withdrawal anticipation....lol . I'm modifying that to no more than one purchase of yarn per month. I don't have the funds for high end yarn purchases but that sure doesn't stop me from shopping thrift stores, garage/rummage sales and Waaaaaalmart....lol. So one yarnie buy a month. The second crochet related resolution I have made is to try one new pattern for every TNT pattern that I make. I do tend to get bogged down using the same comfortable patterns for hats, mitts, scarves, slippers and shawls. I need to expand my repertoire a bit. I know they won't be over the top complicated patterns but they will be ones I haven't put a hook to. So, a little more adventure will be the plan of the year. Barbara
  20. Thanks so much. I too am not thrilled with that "crawling line" up the hat. Will definitely give these options a try. Barbara
  21. How very clever you are. With the soles having come from a "street worthy" pair of shoes, I think these crocheted shoes would work. Definitely finish the pair and give them a trial run. They look very comfortable and dainty. Barbara
  22. Wow, what an intricate piece of work and the maize accents really make the stitching pop. Great job. Barbara
  23. Actually, this seems to be a very clever idea. I like the aesthetics of the light coming through the crochet stitches/yarn. As a rug it would seem to be rather bulky and somewhat unsafe because of the lights. However, it is truly a great conversation piece. As a wall hanging it would be lovely. Even as a table accent for a Christmas village or maybe a smaller, thinner version to hang in a window. Hmmmmm..... lots to think about. Thanks for sharing.
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