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  1. I too look forward to seeing your creations. Actually I love chenille but prefer the lighter weight (smaller diameter yarn) and have made a number of loose fitting clothing items (vests, shrugs, tees, shawls, wraps) using chenille. The softness is what I like about it. But because most is made with rayon I don't wash any of the items in the automatic washer. I either hand wash or I have taken a dry cleaner type sheet (not softener sheet) with a couple of bath towels and refreshed the items that way. Don't know how to take out stains and very dirty spots though.
  2. On "slick" type yarns I often weave in the end and then I find a matching sewing thread and sew the end in place. Hope this helps.
  3. It's so good to wander back to this forum after a long absence. Just getting healthy again after a year long struggle from surgeries and after affects. Crochet got me thru, though and now I look forward to being part of the Crochetville community. Going to take me a while to catch up on all the goings on of this group but I know I will enjoy it. If there are old friends out there that would like to say hi please feel free to message me. Of course I would love to hear from new friends as well. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Barbara
  4. Oh, how lovely. What a special gift they would make.
  5. This sounds wonderfully exciting. Are you displaying your work or perhaps giving a seminar? What is the specific topic? I am so happy for you and definitely wish you success. Can't wait to hear how it went. Hugs, Barbara
  6. What a nice pattern. Will be making a few of these for gift baskets. Thanks so much. Barbara
  7. Wow, that's what I call dedication. What a great statement for crocheting. Love it.
  8. I have resisted buying any of the Mandala yarn as it was a bit over my budget. But just this week a nearby Walmart put it on sale at $3.98/skein. So, I bought a couple of different color combinations. Because the size 3 yarn has 590 yards per skein, it seemed to be a good bargain. I have started a crochet cross stitch scarf pattern and am liking the very light and airy texture of this yarn. The color variations are extremely long so it would work well, I think, on blankets/afghans, ponchos, stoles/shawls and anything using giant granny squares. Happy stitching.
  9. Isn't that just plain aggravating!!!!! I have a lot of THAT kind of problem with anything Caron. I almost always have to rewind before using.
  10. Oh definitely the yarn first. I just love holding and even caressing beautiful yarns and imagining what I could create with it. I have been so fortunate in running across amazing finds at garage sales, thrift stores and church rummage sales. If my wallet lets me, I snatch up both serviceable yarns and/or high end yarns when I find them at these sales. Then I can go "shopping" in my stash. When I run across a really great pattern I am ready to start stitching.
  11. Oh my gosh, "organizing wips"???? People actually DO that??? OK, only kidding around here. But, I have to admit to never really organizing my projects. They tend to get tossed into totes, baskets or even bags and wait patiently for my mojo to remember what I did with them....blushing and smiling.
  12. I'm not a very experienced knitter but I do enjoy making one or two skein garter stitch scarves for gifting. Last weekend at a church sale I bought three skeins of a Red Heart yarn called Boutique Magical. The colors were pretty and I liked the way it had different textures to it. Gracious, what a hoot it turned out to be. There were at least four or five separate weights/textures in each skein as well as fairly long color bands. I'm glad I decided to knit with it because I think crocheting would have made me tear out a few handfuls of hair.....lol. Has anyone used this yarn? Do you have suggestions for patterns, either crochet or knitting?
  13. I am always on the lookout for older yarns in good condition. Dazzleaire is one of my favs and have made a number of scarves, messy bun hats and just plain hats out of it. A couple years ago I stopped at a garage sale late on a Saturday and the woman there had a HUGE box of yarn that she practically gave to me for a dollar. It had soooooo many of the really nice old yarns and colors like soft moss green, summer yellow, some very deep shades of red and even a few true white skeins. I've pretty much used up most of it as there was primarily one or two skeins to a color. But boy, was it fun just going through all that yarn. I will have to admit to getting rid of a few skeins like the army green, burnt orange and baby poop yellow colors.....shiver.....
  14. When I volunteered at the library they had a service called "homebound book lovers". Patrons would make lists of books they would like or call in a request and as soon as that book was available or could be ordered from another library one of the staff or a volunteer would deliver it. There was one regularly scheduled delivery day each week with more added if the requests were more frequent. I live in a smallish town so maybe big cities don't offer it. I did buy this book and enjoyed reading and learning about the process involved. I do have to admit to not using it all that much but I did find it contained different patterns even though the method was primarily the same.
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