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    SW Missouri
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    crochet, cross stitch, reading, gardening & most of all MY KIDS!
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    SAHM and homeschooler
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    I've been c-ing since 1973!! My grandmother taught me basic sc & turn & I taught myself the rest.
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    My most fave to stitch is afghans of any kind or skill level.
  1. NancyCA

    Autumn Moorish Mosaic

    This is absolutely gorgeous! I've been looking for a newafghan pattern and I think I need to have THIS one! I hope it's still available. Can you share what colors you used? Or did you use the ones it calls for in the pattern? Thank you for sharing!
  2. NancyCA

    Another ripple blanket

    It is looking great! I have a giant ripple going myself and it IS giant! I have a question...I noticed that your first row looks straight and not rippled on the edge. Can I ask how you did that? TY!
  3. NancyCA

    RR baby ghan

    It's so pretty! Love the colors you chose. I also love the RR pattern!
  4. NancyCA

    Solid Granny Square

    Thanks for the pattern! :0)
  5. NancyCA

    Solid Granny Square

    I just love this color combo! Would love to make one as well this summer. Great job!
  6. NancyCA

    Cathedral Window-CAL

    Julie, this is just stunning! I have PM'd you. Congrats on such a GORGEOUS ghan!!
  7. NancyCA

    Afghan for church

    Evelyn, this turned out great!! Congrats!
  8. NancyCA

    Just Finished~ Gift for Hubby

    I simply LOVE this ghan! I, too, love the browns and you've done a fantastic job on this one! He'll love it!! Congrats!!
  9. NancyCA

    Ripple CAL anyone???

    Hi everyone! I'm joining in on this one. I have just gotten started back posting after a busy life the past year or so. I have a GIANT ripple going right now and I believe I'm 1/3 done. Here's a pic of it last time I took a pic. I do have more finished on it now... This is for my king sized bed. It will go a bit over the bottom edge to the top of the mattress, then on each side it hangs over around 7-8 inches. Yes, it's HUGE! But, it's so much fun to work on when I get to. TFL!
  10. NancyCA

    Bright Marigold Throw

    I love this Lisa! I want to do one of these too.
  11. NancyCA

    Completed Cathedral Rose Window

    I have a few friends that are making this and they did all the pieces before putting it together. It's good to get other's opinions on how they did it and what was easier for them. Thanks!
  12. NancyCA

    Super Huge blanket labour of love

    The afghan is incredible!! Congrats!
  13. NancyCA

    Completed Cathedral Rose Window

    Kathryn, it is simply gorgeous! I also have this pattern and one day hope to crochet it! I'm thinking possibly starting Jan of 2009 after the fall/winter holidays. Congrats on a most lovely finish!
  14. NancyCA

    Autism Awareness Puzzle Piece Poncho

    This is fantastic. I also have a boy with asperger's. I made a puzzle afghan (a LOT bigger pieces) 2 years ago as a thank you to the LRC room of wonderful people that work with my son. The poncho is great and a scarf would be too! BRAVO!!
  15. NancyCA

    Remember The Cath Kidston Granny Blanket?

    You ghan looks fantastic!! I never heard of it before until seeing it here. And, well, I learned that it is the ghan I started on Jan 1st and never knew it! LOL Here are the pics of my beginning squares...not sure what color I will outline/connect them with. I'm using Vanna yarn.