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  1. Thanks for the replies. Sounds like it will be less of a hassle to just come up with my own edging pattern. But good information if I do run into this again.
  2. I am designing a Christmas stocking, and used an edging for which I found directions online. If I want to share the pattern, since it incorporates that edging stitch that I got from someone else, do I need permission from that person? Or do I just credit them and link to their pattern? Or should I not use it at all? Their pattern was free. I would be offering my pattern for free as well - but if I were selling it would that change the answer? Sorry for all the questions! I'm starting to design more and would like to share my patterns but I'm still new to it.
  3. This is a pattern where you work the 1st round in color A, the 2nd round in color B, and so on. At the end of the 1st round it says "Break A". Does this mean to cut color A and weave in the end? Or can I just drop that color and pick it up again at the 3rd round?
  4. A few years ago, my aunt crocheted a scarf for me. It looked fine at first, but now the woven-in ends are sticking out. There are a lot of ends, since it's a striped scarf. Is there any way to fix this? The problem is that she cut the ends so short. Most of them are an inch or shorter! How can I make them stay woven in? Or is it just a lost cause?
  5. Thank you both. I am trying to use up some things from my stash!
  6. If I'm making something with 2 colors, do the yarns have to be the same--I have some acrylic and some wool that would look nice together but I don't know if that's a problem? It's for a hat so it wouldn't be washed frequently, if that matters.
  7. Sorry but that's a bit rude. I am very careful not to disturb people and I was not sitting right by anyone except the person I was with. I have ADHD and that is why I have trouble paying attention to something for that length of time. I guess that means I shouldn't go to the movies according to you!
  8. The lighting may be an issue, but I will do something simple so I don't have to look at it much. Honestly, even if my project doesn't come out well, I can live with that. Just need something to keep me occupied. Don't worry, I would never consider using one in a theater, but... they make lighted crochet hooks?? Neat!!
  9. I'm going to see Harry Potter tonight, but I have a hard time sitting still through a whole movie, even if it's a good one. I was thinking of taking some yarn with me. Do you think that's too weird? I feel a little funny about it!
  10. You're welcome to offer your opinions, of course. I hope I didn't sound angry--I'm just not sure I understand why it's a bad idea. I realize that she's going to destroy it, which is fine.
  11. I have seen crocheted dog toys online. I don't see why this would be a bad idea? The dog has toys made of fabric and that hasn't taught her to chew up any fabric she sees. I don't want to buy her a toy. The reason I want to make one is that she likes stuffed toys so it would be nice if she had one that would last a little longer.
  12. My friends have a 60-pound dog. Someone bought her a stuffed dog toy, and she had literally ripped it in half within hours. It seems to me that a crocheted toy would be a little tougher. I'm sure she'd destroy it eventually, but it would be nice for her to have a toy that lasts longer than a few hours! I was wondering if you've ever tried this, and if I'm right that a crocheted toy would be more durable than a fabric one. Also what would be better yarn--acrylic, cotton, wool? I don't know if the type of stitch used would make any difference. Any tips would be appreciated!
  13. I'm having trouble doing a magic ring with cotton (sugar and cream) yarn. Once I get the stitches done it's tough to pull it tight. Any tips on how to make this easier?
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