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  1. Little Mama


    Does anyone have any suggestions on where I could find help with crocheting letters? My son wants an afgahn with his high school letters in it.: Thanks! :cheer:cheer:cheer Cindy
  2. I am looking for an easy hat pattern. I only remember how to do basic stitches. I learned to crochet when I was much younger, but just recently started doing it again. If anyone could help, it would be much appreciated!
  3. :cheer:cheer:cheer Hi and welcome. :cheer:cheer
  4. I am close to Clanton, in Prattville. Have not been here real long, where is Troy?
  5. This is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am so jealous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Hi I am new to this site and just wondering if any of you are in Alabama?
  7. Hey There! Nice to see someone from my state here! What part in Alabama? I am in Prattville. It is feezing here! I just wanted to say welcome and maybe we can share ideas, patterns, or whatever. I am still not sure how this site works, but will have fun figuring out im sure! LOL! What kind of things do you like to make? Hope to hear from you soon! Little Mama
  8. Hey everyone! I am here hoping to meet new friends and hoping to learn so much more as far as my crocheting ability. I started when I was about 12, but it has been yrs. since I have actually really done anything honestly. I hope to learn more stitchery than I know. I really only remember tha basic stitches. Thank for taking the time to read my post. Happy crocheting to you all! Little Mama :cheer:cheer:cheer
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