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    Crochet, origami, reading, writing poetry
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    Shawls, scarves, hats, and working on my second and third afghans.
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    I learned how in 1995, but have been crocheting seriously since December 09
  1. I'm a huge Doctor Who fan, so I think this is awesome! Great job!
  2. I haven't made much, but of what I've made, I've enjoyed making scarves and shawls. The first three scarves I made weren't any pattern, just stitched up and given away. They were made the LONG way...short-ways. I've since made 2 shell scarves and a ruffle scarf, which was a lot of fun. I've made 3 shawls, each one with the same pattern...Lion Brand's Easy Triangle Shawl. It's so easy! I love making that one. I've made one afghan for my mom with another in progress for my sister. I keep drooling over the afghans I've seen here, so I may try making more in the future! As far as what I really like to do...I haven't made a whole lot, but as I go through patterns, I see a lot of what I would like to try.
  3. Current project is a spiral afghan found on LB's website as a Christmas gift. I'm enjoying it so far!
  4. Wow...such variety! Aside from crochet, in the past I've done...sewing (does it count if it was for school, but I enjoyed it?), cross stitch, and write poetry. I also cook, do origami (a first on this thread :-D), and I'm an avid reader.
  5. I love this! Did you post the pattern? If not, I would like it.
  6. txteach2b

    First Afghan

    I used Red Heart Soft. I loved the feel of it as I was working, and I will definitely use it again. IIRC, the colors I used were Chocolate, Paprika, Toast, and Wheat. I tried to use colors that match her furniture, and it turned out to be a pretty close match!
  7. How long did it take you to make so many afghans? They are beautiful! I especially like the one on the left in the first picture. Purple is one of my favorite colors!
  8. I'm currently in the process of making this one for a gift. Did you come across any problems? Mine is curling (haven't gotten past the inner spiral yet), and I'm hoping it'll stop doing that after some weight gets on it from the end of the pattern.
  9. My boyfriend will buy me yarn if I specify what brand and color. He also lets me know when yarn goes on clearance where he works, and he will tell me which yarn color he prefers when I can't choose. One day, a couple of months ago, he sat with me for an hour trying to untangle this HUGE knot that came out of the center of the skein! I couldn't ask for anyone better! As to whether or not he will just buy yarn to give to me as a gift...probably not, because he would want me to get the colors and type of yarn I want. He'd be more likely to designate a monetary amout I could spend...
  10. Wow! So nice to see so many Texans...especially East Texans!! I'm in Longview, but know many people around all kinds of parts of ET & have lived in many parts, too! I've lived near a couple of y'all...kinda cool! Anyone in the Longview area interested in a meet-up in the next couple of weeks?
  11. She has begun physical therapy, but I haven't talked to her since right before she started. The pattern I found on Lion Brand's website...Easy Triangle Shawl. It's nothing but hdc...it worked up quickly, and eventually I'm making one for myself.
  12. Thanks for the pattern! I know just who to make these for... :-)
  13. Yay...I get to change my WIP status!! Originally this shawl was going to be mine, but when I found out my aunt was in the hospital, I finished it to give to her. Mom is taking it to her tomorrow. I used LB Homespun in Quartz. I have to admit it...I really enjoy using this yarn! I was skeptical at first, but decided to try it...and love it! Here are some pics with my cousin being brave enough to endure the July heat in Texas to take them outside...I hope you can see them ok because I took them on my phone.
  14. I like the hats...but the first is my overall favorite! I really like the ribbon you used.
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