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  1. crochet chocolate


    Has anyoneever ordered from Essential Elements? They seem to have everything I'm looking for to do bead crocheting. Thanks for helping!
  2. crochet chocolate

    New to bead crochet

    Thanks for responding! I think I need to play around with the size of the thread &/or hook. I did mean ropes, by the way. What types of things are you crocheting? A
  3. crochet chocolate

    New to bead crochet

    Can anyone give me some tips on crocheting the snake jewelry? My first attempts line up the beads just fine, but I can see the thread. Is it my tension? Thanks in advance for advice!
  4. crochet chocolate

    Returning to crochet

    Hello from SC! I just started crocheting again after many, many years. I was never very good at it, but I am determined to begin anew. I am working on the beaded crochet "Snake" jewelry. Looking forward to meeting folks & getting tips & encouragement!! Crochet chocolate.