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  1. Has anyoneever ordered from Essential Elements? They seem to have everything I'm looking for to do bead crocheting. Thanks for helping!
  2. Thanks for responding! I think I need to play around with the size of the thread &/or hook. I did mean ropes, by the way. What types of things are you crocheting? A
  3. Can anyone give me some tips on crocheting the snake jewelry? My first attempts line up the beads just fine, but I can see the thread. Is it my tension? Thanks in advance for advice!
  4. Hello from SC! I just started crocheting again after many, many years. I was never very good at it, but I am determined to begin anew. I am working on the beaded crochet "Snake" jewelry. Looking forward to meeting folks & getting tips & encouragement!! Crochet chocolate.
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