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  1. I made this for a coworker. love the pattern. got it from:http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bulky--quick-dragon-blanket
  2. it on a queen bed - it got a little bigger than the original pattern called for.
  3. merkity

    partial patterns

    hi - think this is the right forum. I have found a pattern that i am going to make, but for the version i am going to make only a partial pattern exists. others have made the version i plan to do, but its seems that no one has put out a complete pattern for it. If someone writes out a complete pattern - would they just reference where the original pattern comes from? i am not sure i would ever get around to it, nor would i plan to sell it - the original is currently free on Ravelry. I was just wondering how that would work. thank you!
  4. finally finished a blanket that I have been working on for the last 9 years. I just kept putting it down to do other stuff. The Pattern is Leisure Arts - Fisherman by Carole Rutter Tippett #3205 .
  5. i made this today. its a bag - you cna put things in the head - mainly a dice bag. Pattern: http://www.gamingmommies.com/2013/07/tutorial-crochet-a-cthulhu-dice-bag/
  6. that is awesome - i do not have the patience to do that.
  7. i saw a pattern for a swiffer mop head - so i decided to make one for my mop. There are a couple enhancements i want to add, but first try these pick up quite a lot of the dust and fur around here.
  8. merkity

    No Knots

    I weave ends in to my work but frequently as they items are used I find the ends just keep popping out. I have tried using fabric glue, wasn't sure how to do it very well. I still haven't found a way to weave those ends in and not have them pop back out later on...... the various joins are handy but when you are switching color its very difficult to predict the exact spot you need to do the join. i am still looking for a way that works and stays in for me....
  9. this one is rated experienced. i didn't think it was too hard, but there are some parts of the pattern that don't read quite right, so i just changed those parts to what i thought made sense. there is also a correction page out for this pattern.
  10. she loves it - she saw me making the scarf yesterday but i didn't do the skull until after she went to bed, so she got to see it this morning. she plans to be Draculaura for halloween.
  11. suppose i could mention - i didn't put on the last round of the border because when i did it, it didn't look like the pictures. but it still looks just fine
  12. the pattern came from Patricia Kristofferson's (sp?) Beautiful Borders for Baby Blankets.
  13. I was working on this pattern before my son was born, but got sick and just recently picked it up again and finished it.
  14. Made a scarf for my daughter today. Got the scarf pattern from a pattern book and the skull pattern from ravelry.
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