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  1. I tried my hand at Little Dahlia. I really need to work on my gauge because it turned out to be around 5" instead of 6"
  2. Wow! It looks gorgeous! It doesn't look like it's missing anything... maybe you're being too critical...?
  3. @annmcc1976: Thank you~ @cris: Thanks! I'm not sure what to do with it yet, but I just made another one in alternating colours so I guess I'll eventually make an afghan
  4. My first grannie square~ Details can be found here. Thanks for viewing =)
  5. Great job! I'm not surprised your sister loved it ^.^
  6. Thank you for the warm welcome! I'm having so much fun exploring the forum ^.^
  7. Hi there~ I'm Nushki, living in London. I started to crochet last year, so I'm still learning the tips and tricks of the trade I don't know many other crocheters so I don't get to talk about my projects often (my mum calls me the Grandma of the house). I can't wait to meet new people and get involved with new projects~ Nushki xx
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