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    I love to crochet for charity and co-founded Marine Corps Kids.
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    crochet, reading, learning to knit
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    Sales and Merchandising Exec
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    crochet for charity. Baby things and chemo caps
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    October 2004
  1. I LOVE these! I rarely crochet for myself, but after years in FL I'm soooo cold this winter. It's supposed to be very very cold tomorrow, and I'm going to make a pair of these for me! They look sharp! thanks for sharing your pattern!!
  2. that looks great! I love the design.
  3. Krystal - you are amazing. That looks so beautiful and I know how much work it is to join so many squares! Thank you so much. I'm always touched at how the members here jump to help others. Jessie is a member here and I think that even though many of us don't know her, we all feel a bond. I look at this afghan and am just so touched by how so many people are working together to make this to comfort another member. The squares work so so well together and so many people care. This really is a special place!
  4. Sally - I love love love this! Can't wait to try your pattern!!
  5. Here is the pattern. It's easier than it looks. Krystal, I have two squares that I'll put in the mail for you tomorrow.
  6. Oh! I just read through the thread. The square that I made is the same as Becky and LauraLee's but it's in a dusty rose color.
  7. I just logged on for the first time in 2 days and read this sad news. I just e-mailed your Krystal. I ahve a square for her, and if I can I'll try to make more for the girls. Thank you for organizing this. Please e-mail me or PM me the address.
  8. I have absolutely no idea so I usually assume I'm intermediate.
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