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    I love to crochet for charity and co-founded Marine Corps Kids.
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    crochet, reading, learning to knit
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    Sales and Merchandising Exec
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    October 2004
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    crochet for charity. Baby things and chemo caps
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  1. theworm

    sweet teddy hat

    That's precious!
  2. theworm

    Pattern Help

    I just posted a new pattern on my blog for a Flapper Cap. I tried this pattern several times, and it "works". I had a really hard time figuring out how to word it in the explanation though. The hat is pretty easy to make, but I'm sure that the written instructions could be more clear. If any of you would like to test the pattern, I would appreciate your input on how to better write up the instructions. Thank you!
  3. theworm

    Hi from Southern Indiana!

    Welcome from another Hoosier! I'm in Bloomington.
  4. theworm

    why submit??

    Thanks Marika, I think I decided not to submit but to just post on my blog. I could sell the patterns on etsy, but for me this is a hobby, and I do think that the business aspect may make it less fun. This particular pattern is going to be challenging for me to write up. It's not a hard pattern, but the instructions aren't obvious. I think trying to write it to professional standards wouldn't be fun. If I post it and people have questions - I can always go back and add more detail. That seems more "fun" to me.
  5. theworm

    Hello from Indiana

    Welcome neighbor - from a right-hander in Bloomington.
  6. theworm

    Stitch N Ride

  7. theworm

    Latest Take On An Online Pattern....My Version

    thats Gorgeous!!
  8. theworm

    Stitch N Ride

    what's the stitch n ride?
  9. theworm

    why submit??

    I've been crocheting for several years now, and have posted some free patterns on my blog. It's a hobby that I love, and I like to share what I make. It's not a business for me - just fun. I just finished making the prototype of a new design that I think in many ways is my first really designed design. I started with a concept on paper, made a hat, improved on the idea, made a second, frogged most of it, reworked, and finally came up with something that I think is really different and ...well "designed". Hubby thinks I should try to submit it for publication. While I think that would be neat, I'm not sure if its worth it. Before I can do anything, I have to make a few more to help me write it out. It's not that complicated to make, but I think it's going to be very challenging to write clear instructions. Once I do that - and it will take some time - what is the benefit of trying to submit to a publication or website as opposed to offering it on my blog? I knot that the Pattern a Day calendar does not offer compensation for patterns. I'm not sure if magazines or other sites pay for patterns. So, do I get more exposure by trying to publish, or just more grief? I know that if CPC picks up my links, I get a lot of blog hits. Being that this is a hobby for me, and I never looked at crochet as a source of income, should I try to get "published" or just continue to share on my blog? Advice and thoughts are appreciated.
  10. theworm

    Baby boy patterns

    What are you looking to make? I think a lot of the patterns work well for boys and girls - just choose "boy" colors. Sometimes I do more simple edging on boys patterns. I've made this sweater for boys. It's fine the way it is, but sometimes I also change the bottom to all DC.
  11. theworm

    Bordering on Adorable - infant cap

    Thanks, Cindy! I fixed the link.
  12. That is absolutely gorgeous!!! I'm sure your cousin will love it, and the fact that you and your mum made it together will make it even more special!
  13. I'm working on some donations for Marine Corps Kids, and came up with this super simple pattern for an infant cap. I planned something a bit more fancy, but when I got to this point, I really liked the simple design. The picture doesn't show it well, but the pink border is raised and a bit textural. If you like the pattern, you can find it on my blog.
  14. theworm

    Going to the Hospital...?

    My dad is in the hospital now, and before he went I made him slippers. There are some easy patterns on CPC that can work for men and women and that don't take too long to make. I also like the idea of a little cover or a "pouch" for lip balm - thats the first thing my dad asked for after surgery.