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  1. JustJen78

    Pink Crochet Cow

    OMG how cute is that!!! I love cows and I love pink! Its PERFECT
  2. Oh ok! That makes sense! I wasn't chaining at the end and I also went on the first sc to start. Maybe thats why one end was loose and one was so tight I couldn't get the hook through:lol. Ok I'm off to try it:hook
  3. Oh....so basically you make a chain stitch then go on to the next row?
  4. Yes I'm doing a single crochet (right now its the only one I know how to do LOL) When you transition into the next row, how do you do it?
  5. How do you end one row to begin another row and keep it straight? I'm having alot of problems Since my mom (who is teaching me) is self taught, she doesnt really know she just does so she's having a hard time figuring out what I'm doing wrong. One ends keep looking like this. either bump and straight while the other is holey and curved
  6. well my first attempt years ago at a square ended up being a triangle LOL
  7. Oh Ok! That sounds like a good idea! Count me in:cheer
  8. Well the first one I ever tried to make was about 8 years ago and It ended up like a triangle instead of a square LOL
  9. OMG that is too cute! I have a couple amigurumi books on order! My mom and I want to learn to make them! My daughter would absolutly love those!
  10. So how exactly does this challenge work??? Do you pick something to do for every pound?
  11. Thank you! that pic doesnt do it justice on the yarn color (camera phone) but its purple, pink, green and yellow barrigated. And almost a little fuzzy.
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